Although going after, but the Royal Crown MOD (Unlimited Diamond, Gold) is a Battle Royale game that is loved by many gamers. Royal Crown is a unique game that combines Battle Royale and MOBA. You can download it for free when you have finished reading our article.

Overview information

PublisherLINE Games
MOD FeaturesNo
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MOD Description

  • Unlimited Diamond, Gold: It allows users to use in-game currency to unlock characters, Skins easily.
Royal Crown

Korean publishers are always at the forefront of technology and game development trends. LINE Games recently released a combination of Battle Royale and MOBA called Royal Crown. With exciting gameplay mechanics combined from the essence of game development technology. Bring to their products the best when adding elements of survival and the MOBA game. Like the basic survival game, the last survivor on the map is the winner.

Set in a mysterious universe that mixes magic and technology. The Royal Crown game provides the best perspectives on a mobile game. The gentle tones, beautiful chibi shapes, and lively sound make the game different from other survival MOBA games of the same genre that have been launched before. Accordingly, the game Royal Crown will allow you to participate in a battle of survival with a total of 60 players on the big map.


Royal Crown gameplay

Royal Crown game is a perfect combination of survival games and MOBA games. If anyone has ever played Fortnite, it certainly belongs to the way of playing a survival game. The game will be started when the spaceship takes you to the land of death. Here, you will face the remaining 59 players. They all came to this land to find their true rivals. Begin your journey to explore this fantasy land in this exciting fairy tale. Players will have to cut trees, collect fuel to make weapons.

Although focusing primarily on MOBA gameplay, the Royal Crown game still has an immersive Battle Royale element. In the game, there are 15 character classes that provide a variety of choices for players. Players can choose after parachuting to the ground of character classes such as Witch, Gladiator, Assistant, … You can also form a 3-player squad together, be it friends or 3 people random in the world. Players need to pay attention to choose the right character, to get the best combination together to win for your team.

Main mode

Like other survival games, Royal Crown allows players to participate in three different game modes. Familiar game modes are listed as Squad, Solo, Training. Here we want to talk more about these three game modes.

  • Squad: Team up with 3 players to participate in the battle for survival. You can match with your friends or randomly with 2 other players in the world. Of course, the other players also fought with 3-person squads.
  • Solo: You will have to fight the remaining 59 players without anyone’s help. In other words, you will be fighting independently.
  • Training: In practice mode, players will be taken to the training environment without the appearance of other players.

Diverse characters and items

Royal Crown MOD APK

The character system in the Royal Crown is very diverse. It allows players to choose their favorite character classes. The characters are designed in the form of a very nice chibi. In addition, players can unlock new Skins for battle characters. Help them have more beautiful effects when participating in the arena of life and death. Players will have the opportunity to collect more items by exploring the map. If you don’t want to wait long, you can also spend some money in exchange for them. With the MOD version that we will introduce later will help you get them.


The interface of Royal Crown MOD is beautifully designed, intuitive, and easy to understand. Set in a mysterious universe combining art and technology. The Royal Crown offers the most beautiful scenery in the form of beautiful cute chibi graphics. The soft tones make Royale Crown different from other games of the same type. Moreover, the skill effects are also beautifully designed by the exciting combat phase. The sound system is also an important factor that helps the game attract global gamers.

MOD version of Royal Crown

The MOD version of Royal Crown will give players a huge number of Diamonds. By downloading our APK file you will be able to participate in the fight for survival. The use of the MOD version will help players unlock new characters, skins easily.


This can be said to be a very interesting and attractive game because of the gameplay that it brings. A unique game combining Battle Royale and MOBA will undoubtedly be a new trend. The game is compatible with many different operating systems. Support even low-profile Android devices. Although not a new topic, LINE Games has learned to make the application unique. Join the battle for survival Battle Royale now.

Download Royal Crown MOD APK for Android

Currently, the game is being widely released on major application stores. However, the MOD of Royal Crown version will not appear on Google Play. You can download the MOD version via the link below.