Sailor Cats 2 MOD APK v1.7 (Unlimited Money, Free Ads)

Update on January 21, 2023 (1 year ago)

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MOD Description

MOD v1:

  • Unlimited Money

MOD v2:

  • Free Ads: You can get free rewards without looking at advertisements
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Sailor Cats 2



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Unlimited Money, Free Ads

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Sailor Cats 2 MOD APK is a game about cats infiltrating and exploring the vast universe. You will be the one to help your cat experience and go through all the planets of the universe, and your task is also to help your cat fish a lot of fish on the cosmic planet to receive coins. huge bonus. Cute graphics, simple gameplay, this will definitely be an interesting entertainment game for all ages when coming to Sailor Cats 2: Space Odyssey MOD APK.


This will be a great experience for players who are both passionate about exploring the universe and enjoying fishing. Your task is to observe the position of movement that the fish move to catch the largest number of fish possible, each successful fishing turn, the coins in the bag will increase more and more. The game requires you to have good observation skills and drop the fishing rod as quickly as possible, each level has the appearance of valuable fish to help double the coins in your pocket that you collect. , aim and do not miss these valuable fish.


Want to explore all the planets with your cat with your spaceship? But the reality is not as simple as you think because you need to upgrade your spaceship to withstand the durability and make it easier during your fishing on each planet. You upgrade the ship by innovating better wooden panels to help the ship have the ability to go as far as possible. Besides, you can completely design and choose colors for your spaceship according to the style you choose. Earn lots of coins to experience countless unique ships in this cute game.


The companion to help you fish a lot of fish is your cat, to help the cat have a lot of energy to fish valuable fish and fill the fish basket, you should timely refill the food and water source. Drink for your cat. Use the coins you earn to buy your cat’s favorite food. In addition, to make the cat more sparkling in the cosmic world, you can completely change the available costumes and accessories continuously. Not only show your talent as a golden hand in fishing, but you also have the opportunity to show off your talent in the field of fashion design for cats in this game.

Discover beautiful graphics, cute colors and fun sound effects in Sailor Cats 2 MOD APK. You will not be bothered by any promotional videos, now immerse yourself in the game and also explore the universe, collect the most real coins!

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