Publisher:XII Braves PTE LTD
Latest Version:1.0.30
MOD Info:Damage/Defense multiplier
Last Updated:26/08/2021 (5 months ago)
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Shining Beyond MOD APK is an engaging strategy role-playing game on the phone. Fight with your heroes against the villains.

Shining Beyond MOD APK

Certainly, those who love card games will feel familiar when coming to Shining Beyond. A strategy game where people with different goals can participate. If you are a skilled player, the skill system and the fighting squad will satisfy you. If you are a collector, the bonus spins system and the number of heroes with many beauties and beauties will not disappoint you. And there’s so much more you can do. Whoever you are, try to see if Shining Beyond satisfies your taste.

Shining Beyond APK

The game was developed by XII Braves, a Singapore-based game development company. Especially the games of the tactical genre, with the main product being Valiant Force. The most recent is the game Shining Beyond, which is upgraded on almost every aspect compared to the previous product. Let’s find out what this game has to do when it was just released a few days ago that has attracted more than 100 thousand downloads on Google Play.

World of adventures

A dark event takes place in the world, evil and countless monsters are released and invaded the human world. An army that was immediately formed to fight this raft of monsters was called the Crimson Army. The children are brainwashed to become soldiers of this army, among them Jake. Several years later, he was rescued by the Resistance Force. Eventually, he became a member of the Resistance Force. Join the game, you will play the hero Jake, fighting to rescue poor soldiers in the Crimson Army. At the same time, you also have to confront evil monsters on the way to rescue.

Shining Beyond APK

However, you are not alone, with you are other heroes like Olivia – a swordsman and the youngest captain of the Resistance Force. Cecil – also a swordsman with noble blood, she fights to protect the honor of her lineage. Isabel – an archer, she wishes to become a warrior stronger than her sister.

Countless other heroes

With a strategy game that said, the number of 4 characters is not the final number. Besides them, there are more than 40 other heroes who also fight with Jake. Each of them has a different story, they have different strengths and skills in fighting. Unleash you to build a fighting squad according to your preferences, depending on the challenge that the game poses for you.

Personalize your character

Because each character has different parameters. The customization of the equipment and character upgrades has different effects. Even affect the outcome of a match. You can also customize the costume the hero is wearing. Their costume customization will not affect their strength in battle. However, this is an attractive thing cooking you want to collect the most beautiful heroes.

Shining Beyond APK

Simple combat system

It’s quite difficult to build a good squad. But in return, the game gives you fairly simple gameplay. Control the direction of the team, direct the skill launch of the characters. It is even simpler when you use the auto-combat function. You don’t have to do anything when your squad is great enough. Just go into the game and they will know what to do without you directing.

Shining Beyond APK

Other game modes

Not just the plot, if you want to earn more resources to unlock characters or power equipment. You need to participate in events in the game. Events are sided stories besides the main storyline, winning the events will give you most of your resources. Furthermore, it only takes place for a limited time, so let’s quickly fight and upgrade your hero even more.

When your squad is too strong for the monsters in the storyline. What you want most of all is to fight other players to see how they are, how strong are they like you? That’s right, capturing the player’s mentality, so the game introduced PvP combat mode. You will participate in class warfare with players around the world. Not only fighting, but you also need to build a team to defend against players who always pay attention to your ranking position. How many ranks can you reach?

Great graphics

The game is built with extremely realistic 2.5D graphics. Ie it is not official 3D graphics. But it is made up of a lot of 2D puzzle pieces, making you think that your heroes are really a 3D character. Because of the application of 2.5D graphics, the game size is not heavy compared to other 2D-only games. Just a mid-range phone to be able to fight smoothly.

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