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Download Sift Heads Reborn MOD APK and join the mysterious gangster world in the familiar stickman form. Are you ready?

Sift Heads Reborn MOD APK

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Sift Heads Reborn MOD APK

Sift Heads Reborn of the publisher Pyrozen, although not in the form of “popular”, still enough to make a gamer who loves the FPS genre fall in love. 2D graphics, stickman style with familiar gameplay. But this game still attracts players by its own nature when experiencing. Here is some information about this great game I would like to share with you.

Introducing Sift Heads Reborn

The father of Sift Heads Reborn is the publisher Pyrozen. Although there are not many impressive products on the market, with Sift Heads, Pyrozen has achieved quite a lot of success. This game belongs to the genre of shooting with a simple storyline. In my opinion, even the graphics are not as “virtual” as many current games.

Sift Heads Reborn depicts the battle between gangsters and bounty hunters. In the game, you will have enough “acting land” of marksmanship, thinking, and tactical skills. With just a few steps of downloading and installing, you can experience this game “rolls” right on your phone.


Sift Heads Reborn MOD APK

With a 2D graphic shooter, what’s special about the story? For myself, before I learn and experience with no hope in Sift Heads Reborn. But once you “got into the war” in the world of Sift Heads Reborn, thinking changed. It must be said that the plot of the game is very deep, the details are closely linked.

Throughout the game is an exciting and challenging journey for the bounty hunter Vinnie. This brave guy is doing a pretty heavy job of confronting the infamous gangsters. Specifically, the dangerous boss – Alonzo. The game starts with a conversation scene between the main character and the mercenary. The opening scene is the fact that Vinnie “prepares” to clean “the tools”, prepares to “wash the sword guard”.

However, upon receiving the news that Alonzo was expanding and wanted to annex Chicago, the war officially opened. After the boss was shot in the head by Vinnie but miraculously survived and released from prison, a new war began. The protagonist decides to go to Italy to end Alonzo’s life. Throughout the journey, questions will be answered through an engaging quest system.


Sift Heads Reborn MOD APK

The beauty of Sift Heads Reborn is not only in the storyline but also because of the new gameplay, unique qualities. Before officially starting the journey “boss hunting”, you will choose for yourself a suitable hunter. Each hunter has its own shape, personality, and even “homeland”. Although not in the same country, they all know each other.

It won’t take you long to get used to Sift Heads Reborn. From character selection to fighting style are classic breathtaking. Hand because you move the character, you can freely control the gun by moving the mind. At the same time, press the “bang” button through the simple touch button when the target is hit. The most important thing is still a standard shot combined with agility.

Challenging the player is surrounded by enemies. It seems that aiming to take down the enemy is quite simple. If you succeed, of course, you will be the winner, but just off the beat, you will become the “target” of dozens of other guns.

Through each mission, each stage you will discover many cool things about the game. Not only is it a challenge but also arouses curiosity in making the plot. In addition, the weapon system in Sift Heads Reborn is also very good. Not monotonous, but instead a series of genuine toys like DE, AK74,…

Graphics of the game

As mentioned above, Sift Heads Reborn is not a game using 3D graphics. Only with a simple 2D image design, but this “simple” has helped the game possess charm. The main character in the classic stickman style just closes the eyes. External details such as landscapes and weapons are also quite completely decorated, not “simple”.

Many people do not like the colors of the mainstream game, but I personally find this is a pretty good point of Sift Heads Reborn. It all revolves around dark colors like black, red, white,… And naturally with a shooter, bold action, my blood, this color gamut perfectly matches.


Overall, Sift Heads Reborn MOD APK is a good, addictive game, well worth your time. The plot takes players from one surprise to any other. Simple to play but not boring. 2D graphics “enough”, realistic sound, enhance the computational scenario for the game. Therefore, I think you should download Sift Heads Reborn and experience it. Have a good time with this game!

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