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Simple Contacts Pro APK is a must-have for anyone who needs to keep their contacts organized. With this lightweight app, you can store and sync your contacts quickly and easily; no more worrying about backed-up contacts or keeping a phone book up-to-date. Simple Contacts Pro also requires minimal space on your device, meaning you won’t lose valuable memory from your device. Its smart contact management system is reliable, easy to use, and loved by millions of people – no wonder Simple Contacts Pro is a go-to for those looking to store their phone numbers in an efficient way.

Simple Contacts Pro is a great solution for managing both user emails and events. With its incredible ability to filter and sort contacts by multiple parameters, including the ability to display surnames as the first name, Simple Contacts Pro makes it easy to achieve fast, smart results when attempting to find a specific contact. Scouring through your entire contact list is no longer necessary; Simple Contacts Pro remembers every new contact you add and stores them automatically in an easily accessible backup at all times, ensuring that your contacts stay safe and sound even if something unexpected happens.

Simple Contacts Pro makes keeping your favorite people or groups organized and efficient a breeze! You can create contact groups to save time and effort when sending messages as a batch, like emails or SMS. It is easier than ever to share quick news or tidings with all the important people in your life, without having to keep track of multiple phone numbers. Just generate your custom contact list, assign it to a group that you rename and you will be able to send out one message with ease. Simple Contacts Pro makes staying in touch easier than ever!

Simple Contacts Pro is a revolutionary contact app that helps you keep in touch with your loved ones with convenience and ease. It comes with designable buttons for calling or sending messages to your relatives. All the entries are totally customizable according to your need, and you have the option to hide the fields you are not using right now. Thanks to Simple Contacts Pro’s search function, you can quickly find the person of your choice by simply typing their name into the search bar – it searches through all visible persons’ fields so you don’t end up wasting time stumbling through pages. Now finding and connecting with people has become simpler and faster than ever!

Simple Contacts Pro is the best way to keep your contacts safe and sound. This app has an easy-to-use feature that allows you to export/import contacts in vCard format to .vcf files, for a seamless transition between devices. What’s even better is that Simple Contacts Pro comes with smart contacts backup technology. This ensures that all new and old phone numbers are synced and backed up regularly, so nothing falls through the cracks. With Simple Contacts Pro, you can rest assured that your contact information is secure.

Simple Contacts Pro is the perfect way to manage phone numbers and keep them private. With Simple Contacts Pro, it’s easy to edit contact information such as names, emails, phone numbers, addresses, organizations, and even groups. Besides just keeping contacts organized, Simple Contacts Pro goes a step further by allowing users to store special events like birthdays or anniversaries -all while keeping their phone numbers secure. Simple Contacts Pro is the best way to have modern and stable contact management that keeps phone numbers private.

Simple Contacts Pro is an incredibly versatile contact editor that allows customization of the user experience. It has great settings like showing phone numbers on the main screen, toggling contact thumbnail visibility, and only displaying contacts with phone numbers. It even comes with a dialer that allows you to input letters as well. All this combined with a powerful built-in duplicate entry merger makes Simple Contacts Pro an ideal choice for managing one’s contacts. You can easily initiate calls from Simple Contacts Pro, opt to view details, or edit the selected contact, whatever best suits the situation.

Simple Contacts Pro is an app that lets you access contacts easily and with more privacy. It comes with material design and dark theme enabled by default, giving users a great user experience while they use the app. Additionally, Simple Contacts Pro provides seamless functionality even without internet access; it gives more privacy, security, and stability compared to other apps out there. There are no ads or unnecessary permissions either; Simple Contacts Pro also offers customizable colors with a fully open camera source for optimum accessibility. All in all, Simple Contacts Pro is designed to give an effortless yet secure process of managing your contacts that you can customize according to your taste.

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