Last updated: April 7th, 2021

Summon your strongest warrior and take part in the ultimate card battles in Slay the Spire. The APK version of Slay the Spire has now been updated at MODDER.ME, download it to enjoy this extremely attractive game.

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Introducing Slay the Spire APK

The card games often give players a lot of tension, the strategy is heavy with many different rules and rules, and there are hundreds of thousands of card games with many genres today difference, the most prominent is Slay the Spire from the publisher Humble Bundle. The game is a magical combination of two types of RPG – Roguelike and Deck – Builder has brought a new breath to the entertainment industry. Since its launch on the PC and Console platforms, the game has received a lot of praise from game critics and gamers alike. On that platform, the publisher decided to launch the official version for two mobile platforms, Android and iOS.

Attractive card game

Slay the Spire APK

Slay the Spire opens up a vast fantasy world where you have to conquer towers called Spire. They have a lot of (seemingly infinite) floors and you will have to try to get to the highest level possible. Each floor of the tower will face you with many ferocious monsters with different powers. To conquer them, you need to collect and build hero cards. They are the forgotten teams that will help you perform the action of fighting to defeat the monsters.

Each card represents an action, such as an attack, defense, health buff, and it will cost you to use it. The matches in Slay the Spire are very fast-paced, seemingly continuous. You will use the right cards to counter that attack wave. At the same time in battle, you will also receive cards and supplementary items.

Slay the Spire APK

Slay the Spire is a strategy game. There are a lot of cards on offer and you need to be selective, otherwise, it will dilute the deck and not give the optimum effect for strength. In addition to the main story mode, the game also has many unique daily challenging activities. Completing quests here will receive achievement points to compete with other players around the world.

The labyrinth in the tower

There are many paths that allow you to go higher. There are many easy paths and extremely challenging paths together. Which way to choose is up to you. The simpler roads, the less the reward. On the contrary, the difficult roads bring a lot of spoils, but they also have quite a high risk. But because your health drops when attacked by the opponent, healing items are essential. So you need a balance between choosing an easy and difficult path to collect items.

Each tower site has its own unique terrain and bonus items. One of the roads that bring many benefits (and at the same time most difficult) is Monuments. Conquering this path will help you get more rare cards, buff items, and even characters. Especially if you accidentally lose and return to the starting point, the whole path will be changed when you play again. This is one of the factors that makes Slay the Spire always attractive and not boring.

Cards and Characters

Slay the Spire APK

In addition to cards with names and stats such as an attack, defense, and support, in Slay the Spire you will have to choose the main character to control, make this adventure. There are three main characters you can choose from including Ironclad, Defect, and Silent. You should read the information that the game provides to know the information, skills, and advantages of each person before making your choice.

Download Slay the Spire APK for Android

Slay the Spire is an incredibly fun, easily addictive game. The game may make it a bit difficult for beginners to conquer the tower at first, but once you have some experience, I believe you won’t be able to stop playing Slay the Spire. Each time you fail in Slay the Spire you will draw mistakes and be able to do better in the next turn. If you are interested in Slay the Spire, download the APK version we provide to experience the game.