SMS Backup & Restore Pro
SMS Backup & Restore Pro

SMS Backup & Restore Pro APK v10.18.001

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App Name SMS Backup & Restore Pro
Version 10.18.001
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About SMS Backup & Restore Pro

SMS Backup & Restore Pro APK is one of the leading backup apps developed by SyncTech Pty Ltd. Not only helps you backup and restore data, but it also helps you secure important information, extract files or share data between devices for free. With these great features, SMS Backup & Restore has excelled in the top 10 best Android backup apps today.

Automatically back up everything

If your phone is overloaded by too many messages being sent but you don’t dare to delete it because you think it will be used sometime, don’t worry SMS Backup & Restore Pro will solve this problem for you easily. You just need to download this application to your device, connect some necessary information, switch to automatic mode for the application and it will automatically create backups and encrypt them into a separate group. When you need to use these data, you will easily find it in the application without having to do too cumbersome work.

Recover important information

Think about it, if one fine day all the important documents on your computer suddenly disappeared, everyone must have experienced these terrible things. To prevent and limit these unintended problems, the presence of SMS Backup & Restore in your device is not superfluous. With your device connected to the application, all data from SMS, call logs or contacts will be backed up in SMS Backup & Restore Pro. If you accidentally delete this information or the device has a problem that loses all data, SMS Backup & Restore will help you restore all the things that have been discolored. Having SMS Backup & Restore in your device, it will protect your important documents against unexpected problems.

Easy data sharing

In case you change phones or want to transfer important data from one device to another but have to go through many complicated steps, SMS Backup & Restore Pro is the application that you really need. As long as the two devices you want to share data with have SMS Backup & Restore installed and a stable Internet connection, the transfer of information between the two devices will be fast and extremely accurate. This feature is really convenient for users today because their work and study often have to use electronic documents rather than paper copies. It’s really great for them to be able to flex important data between multiple devices.

Download SMS Backup & Restore Pro APK now to discover its amazing features!!

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