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Space Agency MOD APK v1.9.12 (Unlimited Fast Start; All Unlocked)

Space Agency MOD APK v1.9.12 (Unlimited Fast Start; All Unlocked)

Updated: 30-03-2023 (1 year ago)
  1. Unlimited Fast Start;
  2. All Products Are Unlocked.
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Space Agency
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Unlimited Fast Start; All Unlocked
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Do you want to build a spaceship yourself and test it to see if it goes on the right track? Then Space Agency MOD APK is definitely for you. An extremely attractive simulation game on Android mobile devices suitable for all ages. Players will experience the process from designing to launching rockets into space and landing. Sounds very new, doesn’t it? The MOD feature we provide will help you unlock all levels without spending any money. In addition, you can unlock more parts with more advanced technology for a better experience.

Space Agency MOD APK – The best spaceship theme simulation game on phones

When you were a kid, did you think it was cool to watch movies about NASA’s rocket launch? Surely there is, and all of us have the desire to try to make it once. Test to see how far your spacecraft will really go in that vast vast universe. That is also the reason why Space Agency was born to realize that desire. Publisher Nooleus wants to stimulate the creativity of players, mixing a little more risk and assertiveness. This game will help you understand what the basic parts of a space shuttle consist of and how each stage of its operation takes place. Thanks to the novelty that it brings, so far Space Agency has received tens of thousands of downloads on the Google Play Store. Most people leave positive comments for this game, you should hurry up and download it!

Crafting a spaceship

This is the first and most important stage of the Space Agency. A spacecraft has many components from the propulsion system, the orbital control system, and the response control system. Each part synthesizes many smaller details for players to promote their own creativity. However, you must ensure the feasibility of the spacecraft you build. Things can’t be too bulky because when flying into space, the parts will be gradually separated, reducing the drag on the spacecraft easier to move in large space. The propulsion must have enough force to send the spacecraft into space, this is a very important first step.

Control the ship to move in the right orbit

Look closely at the path that the rocket must travel. Timely correction if there is an error. You should know that controlling a spaceship is not as simple as we are driving a motorbike or a car like many other games. To ensure the correctness of reality, Space Agency created a special mechanism, when you go out of orbit, a red warning will appear. Players must skillfully handle this situation or else there is a high risk that the ship will lose control and you will fail. Not only sending the ship into space, but after completing it, you must bring it back to Earth safely. This is a very long journey but trusts me, you will love the novelty it brings. Patiently following the right process will help you achieve better results than expected.

Easy-to-grasp interface

Space Agency’s adjustment screen is not too complicated. You will see on-screen indicators including condition, dynamic pressure, fuel level, and Throttle. There is also a toolbar that shows a route for players to determine if their position is close to the destination or not. You have to regularly observe the indicator and make sure it stays green. Any indicator that turns red means you are in trouble and need immediate correction. During your journey through space, you may encounter challenges such as electromagnetic storms, meteor showers, comets, floating meteorites,… Adjusting to dodge the above objects and return to the correct orbit quickly as possible!

Multiple game modes

Space Agency is divided into four main game modes: Tutorials, Quick Play, Sandbox, and Career. Each mode offers a different experience, such as with Tutorials, it is suitable for beginners. The game will guide you through all the steps from start to finish in the most complete way so that you understand the process of making, launching rockets, and landing. The modes are gradually upgraded from easy to difficult. Sandbox will bring you to a more difficult challenge but also an opportunity for you to show off your talent after getting used to the gameplay at easier levels before.

Attractive graphics and sound

Space Agency’s graphics are a combination of impressive 3D scenes of the universe and vivid details of the spacecraft. The color coordination is harmonious and professional, creating the most realistic feeling for the player. Besides, fast-paced and fun background music will help you become more passionate about your creative and experimental work. It will be a pity if you miss such a great game.

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