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Sports City Tycoon MOD APK v1.20.14 (Unlimited Money/Gold)

Sports City Tycoon MOD APK v1.20.14 (Unlimited Money/Gold)

Updated: 05-05-2024 (3 months ago)
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Sports City Tycoon
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Unlimited Money/Gold
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About Sports City Tycoon MOD APK

Sports City Tycoon MOD APK is a simulation game that combines sports management with money investment to realize revenue and develop into a rich capitalist. Coming to the bustling sports city creating Sports City Tycoon, you will be able to manage all activities, and build the city as desired. Making it one of the most visited sports venues. Any construction or project will be responsible for construction by the player. Whenever you have free time, visit your city, observe the work process, and develop more new sports and competitions. Then upgrade more and help guests have the best experience. Bring in huge amounts of money and become the king of live sports.

Building a modern sports city

You’ll start with a small stadium that can accommodate several types of sports. The goal is that you have to create a place for fun and entertainment with sports. You are both the builder and manager of the stadium to attract fans from all over the world. Patiently waiting for the first customers to visit the sports matches to make a profit. The money you earn is not only when you are playing the game. It also increases when you are not in the game. When you return, you will receive an outstanding increase during that time. The more money earned from ticket sales, the more you need to calculate the upgrade and expansion of the stadium to increase the capacity of the stands. The game will unlock new stadium models as you earn more, even with designs similar to famous international stadiums. Over time, from the cities will sprout a system of large stadiums and many buildings. Therefore, you need to organize more interesting and attractive sports such as football, athletics, racing, swimming, track and field, and basketball,… to attract audiences around the world. Business strategy will not stop there when sports bring certain effects.

Organize interesting contests

Sports are always a topic of interest to many fans, bringing high entertainment to everyone. Any sport that is born will have practice and competition. Each subject will have competitions with different formats. The impressive thing is that they always attract a huge number of audiences around the world because of their attractiveness. You will organize competitions for many different sports in the stadiums. Your task is to come up with advertising and marketing plans to inform everyone about the contest. The competition will bring together the best athletes of each discipline and compete for great prizes. Over time, the sports city will be the place where thrilling matches take place, attracting viewers. Depending on the size of the contest and your promotion to your fans will affect ticket sales. The contest took place successfully and smoothly; you just need to sit still and enjoy huge profits.

Unlock all-new sports

In this game, you will have to organize any sports that are available in real life at your stadiums. There are many options that can make profits from volleyball beaches, football stadiums, swimming pools, ski fields or large racetracks. Each sports building has a certain resource manager. If improving the scale of sports properly, it means attracting more people to watch and respond. Thereby, you will earn a huge source of income every day.

Expanding the size of the city

If you have reached the limit and unlock all sports as well as upgrade enough levels for each stadium building. You can unlock a new city in different climate terrains. Sports can be carried out in an icy land, or in a sandy desert. The process of building and upgrading them will not be boring; you can change the appearance of the stadium in a new land. These cities will affect your income level, they even need to build suitable stadiums for the people here to optimize the income generation of each city. Once reached, all cities and sports are unlocked. You will become the real tycoon in the sports world of the world.

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