Stardew Valley MOD APK v1.5.6.52 (Unlimited Money)

Update on September 11, 2023 (5 months ago)

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Mega mod:

– Unlimited money and stamina
– When crafting resources are not wasted
– Free craft
– The maximum number of items when crafting, regardless of the amount of resources
– Reproduction of items: click on the item you want to duplicate (a red frame will appear around it), then click on an empty spot in the inventory

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Stardew Valley


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Unlimited Money

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Discover the peaceful life in Stardew Valley Mod APK. This is a famous role-playing game for Android mobile devices. Players will become good farmers, living in the remote countryside away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A dreamy world with a slow pace of life is waiting for you to explore.

About Stardew Valley MOD APK

If you are feeling stressed with life in the big city. Densely populated, vehicles emit a lot of smoke and dust, making you feel suffocated. Life is too fast and you don’t seem to have a moment to stop. Then go to Stardew Valley, this will be the place to help you relieve all your troubles. The game simulates the scene of a remote suburb, people will live in harmony with nature. Life is peaceful, not too crowded, but people live together very affectionately. With that in mind, Stardew Valley was once nominated as Game of the Year 2017 – BAFTA Game Awards. Since the publisher Chucklefish Limited released this game on the Google Play Store, it has received thousands of downloads. Even the rating is up to 4.8/5 stars, most people are satisfied with the relaxing experience it brings. That’s why you should immediately download and join!

Build your dream farm

An office worker moved from the city to live in the countryside. You will immediately fall in love with that peaceful scene. Clear out an old farm and rebuild it into your new home. In the area of ​​​​the farm, there will be small wooden houses, many gardens growing different species of food crops and vegetables. There are also large fruit trees that both harvest fruit and create shade. Stardew Valley will require the player to take care of his farm. For example, planting a tree, you will have to perform tasks from tilling the soil to make it porous, then sowing the seeds, fertilizing, and watering daily for good growth. A vegetable or food crop will have a faster harvest time and its price will be cheaper. As for fruit trees, the season is longer and longer, the fruits you harvest will also cost more than regular vegetables. Make a plan to plant and take care of your farm.

Pet Breeding

Besides farming, a farm in Stardew Valley is also indispensable for livestock. The player can raise a house guard dog. Not only stopping there, but you will also raise chickens to collect eggs, raise sheep for fur, and goats and pigs for meat. There are also rabbits or geckos. Build their own cage or release them in the yard. Taking care of pets will make you more relaxed than ever.

Mix with people when participating in festivals

Life in Stardew Valley will be not only for you but also for many other people living in the surrounding area. The game will create an event list for you to choose from. Catering parties, casual meetings, or even formal weddings. Everyone is allowed to interact with each other. Maybe at those parties, you will meet someone who will become your life partner. Actively participate in events to exchange and make new friends. However, Stardew Valley will limit your character’s energy. After working or participating in outdoor activities, you will have to go home to recharge by cooking and eating. Very realistic, right?

Cave exploration

Another source of income that Stardew Valley gives you is the mysterious caves. In the dark cave appear many creatures that want to harm you, use the weapons you bring to destroy them. Break the rocks that stand in your way. And the precious reward that awaits you in these caves is a treasure. Lost treasures from ancient times, you are the one to find them and of course, own them. In the treasure, there is a lot of gold coins, enough for you to have a prosperous life in the countryside. Find as many treasures as possible.

Impressive graphics

Graphics of Stardew Valley are 2D graphics drawn in pixel style like classic games. Colors are harmonized, creating a feeling of fresh life full of joy. The game also constantly changes the light and dark times, the different seasons are full of spring, summer, autumn, and winter. All combined makes anyone participating can not resist its attraction.

There’s almost nothing to criticize about Stardew Valley, it’s just too impressive. However, for the convenience of building a farm, breeding livestock, buying more necessary tools, you will need a large amount of money. Please use the Stardew Valley MOD APK version that we provide. With the unlimited money feature, you don’t need to worry anymore, just enjoy the most comfortable entertainment moment.

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