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StarMaker Mod APK (VIP Unlocked/Preimium) is a free mobile karaoke app that lets you sing as much as you want with your friends at home. In addition, users can also record, edit and create new songs after singing.

About StarMaker Mod APK

StarMaker is a karaoke application for Android and iOS phones that is chosen by many people. Similar to Smule VIP, in this app, you can freely express yourself or even duet with the artist. The application brings an endless music store with domestic and foreign songs. In particular, StarMaker also helps you share your newly recorded songs with many members of the StarMaker community to listen and get to know each other. Songs recorded with StarMaker have additional editing tools with special effects. The app uses high quality recording technology to record your voice.

What users love most about StarMaker is the display of the lyrics and the ability to record your performance through your smartphone’s front camera so you can watch your previous songs over and over again. However, you will also have to spend money to buy features or items that the app has, even though the app is completely free to download. Moreover, the app also gives you the ability to duet with your artist or friends, shoot amazing videos and share them on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Some key features

This application is a place to help you sing freely without disturbing others. This application provides a lot of tools and good songs for you to relieve stress and entertain in your free time. You can also easily make friends and get acquainted with people with the same passion and interests as you anytime, anywhere without worrying about limits. Users can also easily tune their voice with the great tools and features that this app has to offer.

Choose your favorite songs and latest hits

This app brings more than 2,000,000 new songs. These songs have been updated continuously, so you don’t need to worry about singing enough songs. StarMaker has many sections with all genres and themes that are updated daily to meet all user needs. You can easily search for songs sung based on your request. It’s like singing or recording and sharing with everyone.

If you like country music, you can search for many songs on the topics you want. Plus, this app offers so many songs that every gender can find a song they like. Moreover, when you see a newly updated song, you can instantly find it on this app and actually sing it in a second.

Sing a duet with friends or singers

To make the user’s singing more interesting and fun This application also provides a duet with friends, singers or other people even if you do not know from afar, as long as you have the same passion music. Users can easily duet with your singer or friends and record together. It is the best way for those who want to meet new friends through their passion for singing.

Every time you want to sing a song with your friends, you just invite them and ask them to sing a duet. Besides, this application also gives users the opportunity to sing with their favorite singers or users with millions of followers. Many users can meet their favorite idol using this cool app.

Adjust your voice and tone to help you sing better

With professional sound effects and text effects that help you sing at any time, you can easily adjust the tone, background music, reverberation to make your singing more attractive, better and more inspiring. . With these amazing tools, you can record and edit your karaoke songs with a variety of speech effects.

If you’re worried that your voice isn’t good enough for upload, you can edit your video. User can adjust voice and timbre to make your sound excellent. It’s a great way for those who want a perfect recording. You can change effects, tones, and volume. For each effect, you can choose none, custom, studio, party, and pop. With each product, you can adjust until you reach the perfection you want. These changes will make your voice special and help you sing better. It’s also a great way to get more followers and likes.

Share songs to interact with friends

StarMaker makes it easy to share your songs and recordings with the world, or listen to your friends’ recordings to interact, share and make friends. Besides singing and recording your voice, you can also listen to their songs and socialize with friends.

StarMaker is also a social network of music lovers who are passionate about singing with full features such as liking, commenting, sharing. This application is a place to exchange passion, listen to people sing, subscribe to enjoy new songs. While using this app, users can discover people with similar musical tastes as you, like comments and lyrics, to make new friends in music!

Chat with friends

StarMaker also offers chats, private messaging for exchange and more. Who knows, with Single, you can even find your other half with similar musical interests through StarMaker. There is no greater happiness than having a friend who can sing with you. In addition, you can also chat with the person you like without limitation. The great thing about this app is that it connects people.

Sing only your favorite songs

This application provides users with many of the best songs that they can enjoy music with synchronized lyrics. This application always updates the songs with the right lyrics to bring the best songs to users. So you can sing the original repaired songs. That will never happen if missing words or wrong sentences make your song terrible. This way, you can feel the rhythm to the fullest without worrying about getting the word wrong or having an incomplete experience.

Post videos, pictures and clips to share your thoughts on music

After recording a good song and want to share it with your friends, you can easily create a video with your recording. This application allows users to create videos with images or even clips using the user’s voice. So if you want to make your clip special, you can easily create a clip that suits your needs.

You know the sound of the clip is what makes people express their emotions. So record the best song with your favorite friends or make your own and insert it into your clip. Users can edit the audio before inserting into the clip. It is the best way for those who want to create a perfect clip that has a lot of likes.

Then, when you’re done editing your app, you can post it on social media. Don’t forget to invite your friends to listen to your videos and like them. By doing that, you will not only gain more followers, but you can also be happy every day!

Download StarMaker Mod APK (VIP/Premium Unlocked) for Android

StarMaker will be a must-have singing app for music lovers. When you come to StarMaker, you can not only sing freely but also listen and make friends with anyone with similar interests. Download this app now and join the large community of music lovers right away!

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