Stickman Ghost 2 MOD APK v8.1.2 (God Mode, Dumb Enemy)

Update on November 1, 2023 (4 months ago)

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God Mode, Dumb Enemy

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Are you a fan of Galaxy Wars or a Stickman lover? Or are you simply looking for a great action role-playing game? Don’t miss Stickman Ghost 2 MOD APK, this is the best game for you. Join the fierce and exciting battle to protect the peace now. This updated version has added many big bonuses and fixed some minor bugs to make the game more perfect.


Stickman Ghost 2 is an engaging action role-playing game. The game is set in space with the famous Stickman superhero and robot enemies. This is the version of Stickman with space battles, this version has more attractive and challenging gameplay with a combination of Stickman and war games.

Like previous versions of Stickman Ghost, the presence of the Stickman hero warrior and the beautiful slashing screens of stick enemies will definitely not disappoint you. In this version, Stickman will return and be more powerful than before, there will be fights and water gun shooting in the galaxy extremely beautiful. Join this star war now to play the role of Stickman fighting the most intense and fierce battles.


When the whole galaxy is engulfed in fiery war, the planets are occupied by hordes of sticks and traitor robots, Stickman hero has appeared to carry out the mission to rescue the galaxy from war with the ultimate power of alien weapons. You will play the role of Stickman and become a ninja, an assassin, a superman and the bravest and most righteous warrior. You will be the hero who holds the end of the fierce war story in Stickman Ghost 2.

Upgrade your warrior so that it becomes more and more powerful. This makes it easy for your warriors to defeat the giant monsters in space. Each battle will get harder and harder and you need more power to be able to win. You need to be equipped with the most powerful weapons for each battle so that the character’s ability can be maximized. In addition, you also have pets and a spaceship to protect you, helping you become the most powerful Stickman hero.


Stickman Ghost 2 has an extremely attractive gameplay, a smooth combination of action games and role-playing games. With just one simple operation, you can control your character extremely easily. You can choose between a fighting game or a shooting game with one action choosing between a gun and a sword. In addition, a diverse arsenal of weapons also facilitates you to choose freely.

The game graphics are extremely beautiful, the unique combination of light, color is a big attraction that will immerse you in this beautiful game. Extremely powerful enemies will not tolerate you, fierce and humorous hacks always take place, huge bosses will bring your Stickman into extremely fierce battles. Can you defeat them and protect the galaxy from war?

Look no further, this is the best action role-playing game you will ever know. Stickman Ghost 2 has many unique combinations that bring an extremely classy and attractive action game. Show off your skills and prove yourself a winner through this fun game.

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