Stumble Guys
Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys Mod APK v0.43.1 (Mega Menu, Gems, Unlocked, ESP, Chams)

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App Name Stumble Guys
Mod Features Mega Menu, Gems, Unlocked, ESP, Chams
Version 0.43.1
Size 91M
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Stumble Guys Mod Menu APK is an extremely exciting survival race. The fastest run is not enough for a champion, you also have to use your ingenuity in the game. Click on the link below to experience this Fall Guys same game.

About Stumble Guys Mod Menu

Currently, survival games are extremely sought after by young people. Foreseeing this need, Kitka Game has released Stumble Guys Mod Menu.

Stumble Guys impresses with its feature that allows users to connect with friends. Your weekend relaxation moments will definitely become a lot more wonderful when having fun with your friends!

Simple gameplay

There is no storyline or special events like casual games. Stumble Guys gives you free gameplay, all you need to do is just complete the mission.

The game is a knockout match against 32 different opponents. Throughout the game, you basically just need to control the character to run, run and run. Sometimes obstacles also appear to interfere with your race. The match will end when the first 16 players reach the finish line. If you win 1 of the first 16 positions, players will receive a lot of valuable rewards and accumulate points.

Become the king of the race

Referring to the Battle Royale-style survival games, many people will immediately think of Zombie games, action, shooting,… But the gameplay of Stumble Guys Menu Apk is completely not so, players will only participate. join a Marathon with 31 other opponents (32 people in total in 1 match). Instead of having bad play details: attacking and knocking opponents,… this game brings obstacles to make it difficult for players.

At first glance, these obstacles are quite easy to overcome, but they are not. The obstacles are arranged with dense honey. Players must pay close attention to change the direction of running and do not run at the right time to avoid colliding with obstacles. If they are pushed down the cliff your character will have to start from the original position.

If you want to be the winner more easily you can check out one of our tips below:

  • Slow and steady movement: Helps you to see clearly and find the direction to move to avoid obstacles more easily.
  • Never give up: Even if you get off the cliff a few times, don’t be discouraged. Don’t give up because other players may fall more than you too.

Diverse battleground

The game offers many different types of battleground. Each field is designed in different styles and colors, the obstacles on each floor are also different. The arena is continuously rotated by the system, making the game not boring.


Stumble Guys has 3D graphics designed in a fun way, thanks to which it’s kid-friendly. Each character wears an eye-catching outfit. Surely the game will make you overwhelmed with the variety of numbers and colors of costumes.

Download Stumble Guys Mod Menu APK for Android

If you are looking for a game that will bring you relaxing moments with your friends, then Stumble Guys Mod Menu is definitely the choice worth considering. To own this interesting game please click on the link and forget to leave us a comment about your experience below the article.

Download (91M)
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