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Super Boxing Championship! MOD APK v3.73 (Unlimited Money)

Super Boxing Championship! MOD APK v3.73 (Unlimited Money)

Updated: 26-05-2022 (2 years ago)

Super Boxing Championship! MOD APK – Experience the feeling of becoming a champion of Boxing sport, the most rewarding sports game on mobile.

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Super Boxing Championship!
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Unlimited Money
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Super Boxing Championship! MOD APK Suitable for ages 10 and up. When participating, the player controls a boxer of his own to overcome other opponents. But winning in the ring is not easy. You have to practice to get flexible maneuvers, get used to the battles and most importantly, level up to get better physical strength. There are also a lot of factors needed when you become a famous boxer and have many fans.


Battles in the Super Boxing Championship! They don’t last too long, they’re all quick matches. However, it is divided into different modes including Exhibition, Tournament, Gauntlet. Each mode, you face many unpredictable challenges. By encountering many opponents with different skills and tactics. The more you fight, the more experience you gain. So even if you lose, don’t give up, there are still many opportunities to win.


It is very important to build your own tactics in that boxing match. You must be familiar with attacks such as right hook, left hook, Uppercut, Low Jab, slide attack or block the opponent’s attack. These maneuvers, if well combined, will produce shots that are difficult to block. Manipulating Block will help you reduce the risk of serious injury when receiving continuous attacks. Find the enemy’s opening and seize the opportunity to attack again.


Winning not only gives you huge bonuses, but also reputation. With the money received, the player can change the character’s hairstyle, dress style, add tattoos, beards, etc. Even buy yourself a house and buy furniture. That is your luxurious life if you win many victories. Climb the leaderboards and have many fans. Receiving an interview invitation from a TV station, isn’t it wonderful!


  • Super Boxing Championship! surprise players by the modes it builds, you can choose to play both offline and online.
  • Join the fights of a real boxer, overcome many formidable opponents in the ring to become the top of the leaderboard.
  • Many attractive rewards, even participating in interviews and having many fans of you.
  • Console with 11 basic moves of Boxing for you to test your limits.

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