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Survival Craft Quest MOD APK v3.9.6 (Menu, Unlimited Diamonds)

Survival Craft Quest MOD APK v3.9.6 (Menu, Unlimited Diamonds)

Updated: 26-02-2024 (5 months ago)
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Survival Craft Quest
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Menu, Unlimited Diamonds
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About Survival Craft Quest MOD APK

The puzzle game combined with extremely attractive survival that anyone should join is called Survival Craft Quest MOD APK. The guy Robinson is in need of your help to solve the puzzles of nature. Only by solving these puzzles can he collect the necessary items to survive in the wild. These puzzles will show you how to make a tool in the natural environment requires materials. It both stimulates the player’s thinking and teaches players new things that not all games can do. Even during leisure time, players can still participate in activities that develop thinking. That is why it has received hundreds of thousands of downloads and this number is still increasing.

Fascinating storyline

Robinson’s plane accidentally crashes, he falls into the sea and drifts on an uninhabited island. Here, Robinson needs to find ways to survive such as building shelters, creating hunting tools, collecting food, lighting fires for warmth, etc. There are many dangers here because wild animals around are always ready to attack, you must do everything to help Robinson survive. Help him win in Puzzle Match 3 matches, the faster he completes the level, the more rewards he gets. There are countless levels for players to try their best.

The gameplay requires good thinking

A matrix of cells will appear on the screen. In each of these boxes, there are images of different items and foods. Players need to observe and see which tiles can in one move make groups of three for it to automatically cancel. When suppressing on the matrix also means you have obtained this item. Not only groups of three, but players can group four or five in a vertical or horizontal row. These special squares also give you a helping hand to solve the puzzle in less time.

Perfect the elements for survival

The items collected from each level are your reward. Players with Robinson’s hints will know which items combine to create a usable tool. For example, to create a tent you need wood, rope and a roof cover. Or ax requires stone, wood and rope. Gradually, after going through many stages, your number of items increases again. This means that Robinson’s life is increasingly comfortable.

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