Survival Defender MOD APK v1.7.1 (Dumb Enemy, High Gold)

Update on August 28, 2023 (6 months ago)

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Dumb Enemy, High Gold

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Fight against dark creatures to regain a peaceful life for humanity in Survival Defender MOD APK. This is an action game for ages seven and up. Players will play the role of a gunner with outstanding talent. Your task is to aim and shoot to destroy all the monsters before they break the stronghold. If you want to own high-class magic crossbows and arrows, you need a lot of gold coins and items to upgrade them. The MOD APK version we provide for Android devices with unlimited gold coins will make it easy for you to get everything you want.

Survival Defender MOD APK – The best survival action game on the phone

Survival Defender MOD APK

Survival Defender integrates a lot of elements to create an entertainment space suitable for anyone who loves action games. Not only was it fighting, but it was also survival against a large number of monsters. Be confident in your own fighting ability. Compete with other players in the rankings to be named the top ADC. Even though it’s just released, I’m sure Survival Defender won’t let you down.

Fascinating plot

The world is falling into chaos, the dark lord is rising. He summons thousands of Orc monsters to attack villages in order to gain dominion. The player is a hero with a talent for archery. You will adventure to all the lands where Orcs are raging to destroy them. Although you know there are many challenges ahead, you will not stop until you completely extinguish the evil plot of the dark lord. Integrating the plot into the game makes players feel more attractive.

Attractive gameplay

Survival Defender MOD APK

At each level, the player’s position is in the rampart. From this position, you can aim and kill Orcs from afar. Never let them get too close to the goal where you are standing. If they gather in large numbers and breakthrough that defense, the next target will be you. So deploy quickly and take down any monsters in your sights. Don’t give them a chance to dominate.

Weapon Upgrade

Later on, you face more and more difficulties when the lord of the night sends his army with giant orcs. They are much stronger, one arrow is not enough to destroy them. Therefore, players need to upgrade their weapons to increase damage. In addition, remember to add more medicine if you have an injury to make the match last longer.

Survival Defender MOD APK

Features of Survival Defender MOD APK

  • Third-person combat
  • Beautiful 3D graphics
  • Many rewards for daily quests, events
  • Join the global leaderboard
  • Defense Line Upgrading

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