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SURVPUNK MOD APK is a strategy game mixed with CCG elements that are receiving a lot of positive responses from the gaming community during this time. If you are interested in SURVPUNK, you can experience this game through the MOD APK version we provide with more free features. The download link is below the article.



SURVPUNK is from the developer Black Bears and the game was also recently released. Overall, SURVPUNK is a military strategy game with an interesting post-apocalyptic setting. Coming to this game, you will become the last survivor to fight for survival in the harsh world as well as confront dangerous monsters and mutants. Download this game now and experience it. If you are still wondering, you can read more information about SURVPUNK through the article below.

Fascinating storyline

The setting of SURVPUNK is mainly a post-apocalyptic world. Humans have developed excessive nuclear weapons, fighting with aliens. However, its consequences have caused the earth’s raw materials to be exhausted, leading to most plant, animal, and human species being almost extinct. The war with aliens has not ended, but the Earth has broken out a new war. The last survivors must try to survive in harsh weather conditions while facing dangerous monsters and mutants.

Interesting gameplay


As mentioned above, SURVPUNK is a military strategy game with the main element of collecting cards to fight. Every match in SURVPUNK, you will be confronted with a powerful enemy. The interesting point as well as creating the hardcore for this game is that each match will require you to have a separate approach. In short, if you want to win in SURVPUNK, you have to prepare dozens of different tactics to cause the greatest damage to the enemy. SURVPUNK requires you to know the combination of warriors from different factions in the team and the battle cards you have collected. A lot of the brain needs to be used when playing this game.

Build the strongest team

SURVPUNK offers hundreds of heroes to choose from. Most of these heroes belong to three alliance fighting factions including Peace, Nomads, and Solars. Of course, depending on the fighting faction, that hero will have its own characteristics and damage. Your task is to unlock, collect heroes and choose the best ones to form a team. A tip for you is that you should not always choose the strongest, pay attention to the stats as well as the compatibility between the heroes in the team. People of the same type will be able to buff attack or assist in combat more.

In addition, these heroes can be upgraded to become stronger. Depending on which faction the hero belongs to, there will be different ways to upgrade (but not too different). Create a team with powerful heroes and fight against the toughest enemies.

Many bunker vehicles


In addition to heroes, SURVPUNK also provides players with powerful combat vehicles. They include tanks, battleships, battle trucks… Because SURVPUNK has a post-apocalyptic theme, the appearance of these vehicles looks very pitiful with many cumbersome details and accessories. In battles, these are mainly fighting vehicles rather than moving. In addition, they can also be upgraded to increase damage. For example, the V3000 can be upgraded to Grunge, has more camouflage as well as faster movement, two more large barrels…

Large map

There are many maps in SURVPUNK for you to explore. Each map will have its own characteristics in terms of terrain, weather, scenery, and bosses with unique strengths. You will have to fight and pass the screen in turn to unlock the next maps. Winning a match will give you a lot of attractive rewards, from gold coins, materials to heroes, rare cards, map unlock…


In general, SURVPUNK does not follow the sharp 3D graphic style, so you will find the graphics in SURVPUNK a little bit nostalgic. Like games from the old decades. However, that is the unique feature of this game. Although the graphics quality is not high, the character design, vehicles, and background are very detailed. Physical effects and movements are also very smooth, matching the style of SURVPUNK.

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