Suspects: Mystery Mansion
Suspects: Mystery Mansion

Suspects: Mystery Mansion Mod APK v2.0.2 (Mod Menu, Easy Game) Download

App Name Suspects: Mystery Mansion
Mod Features Mod Menu, Easy Game
Version 2.0.2
Size 163M
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Become a talented detective in Suspects: Mystery Mansion MOD APK – an action-puzzle game that is receiving a lot of attention from the gaming community. You can download this game by following the link we provide below to download the latest version.

About Suspects: Mystery Mansion MOD APK

Remember the game that stormed the forums in 2020? That is Among Us. And Suspects: Mystery Mansion also has similar gameplay but mixed with more detective elements. Coming to Suspects: Mystery Mansion, you will play a detective who is invited to investigate a death in a large mansion. And not only you, but 8 other detectives are also invited, but one of them will be the killer you need to find. Are you ready to overcome this difficult challenge and find the final answer?

Reasoning to find the killer

Just like Among Us, when you press the start button, the game will automatically assign you roles. Accordingly, 9 players will be divided into three groups including the guest group, the detective group, and the killer. The group of guests will have the task of completing the assigned tasks (they can be found in each room in the villa). In addition, they are also allowed to participate in discussions about who is the killer, vote for suspects. The second group is detectives with the task of finding the killer before he commits atrocities again. And finally, the killer must minimize everyone’s suspicions and kill all the detectives to win.

And no matter what role you are assigned by Suspects: Mystery Mansion, you still have to complete all the work that you are assigned to be able to win. Let’s argue and keep yourself out of suspicion to avoid being kicked out of the mansion.

The detective element is fully exploited

Unlike Among Us, which is too focused on chasing the killer, Suspects: Mystery Mansion is more about solving missions. Because each time they complete a mission, they will receive some clues, from which they can track down the serial killer. Especially if you contribute a lot of effort and successfully complete the assigned tasks, you will receive a lot of bonus points. If your team wins, you will also receive diamonds. Try to accumulate as many points to receive more hints along the way, contributing to faster and more accurate identification of the killer.

Simple controls

Because it’s released on mobile devices, all you need to do is tap the screen to do everything in Suspects: Mystery Mansion. A lot of interesting tasks are scattered throughout the rooms such as lighting, fixing the gramophone, puzzles, aligning pictures, etc. for the guest group and the detective team to explore. In addition to playing the role of a murderer in Suspects: Mystery Mansion, there are also more diverse ways of killing people such as stabbing knives, sneaking shots from behind, poisoning food, electrocuting, suffocating,…

Great graphics & sounds

Instead of the same astronauts with only different colors, the character design in Suspects: Mystery Mansion is more diverse, with colorful animal themes. Thanks to that, the characters are also easier to identify and look much better. You can choose a costume as a brave lion, lovely bunny, sly mouse, or dumb dinosaur. These costumes only make you look more adorable and personalized but do not affect your role or position in Suspects: Mystery Mansion. With a cute and funny design, Suspects: Mystery Mansion easily leaves a deep impression on gamers. The setting in Suspects: Mystery Mansion is also appreciated. Large villa with many rooms arranged completely differently, each time you open the door, you will experience a completely new context. And because Suspects: Mystery Mansion is mainly aimed at detectives, the context is also designed to be a bit scary and creepy with the main dark color, making the player both discover and feel the hair on the back of his neck.

Especially the sound is a plus point for Suspects: Mystery Mansion. The sound of piano music echoing between the rooms combined with the sound of footsteps, the creaking of objects when you touch them will often make you startle. Especially the bell ringing to announce the meeting to vote for the killer, it always makes me jump.

Play with many people

With up to 9 players in the same game, you can invite more friends or family to play Suspects: Mystery Mansion. If you do not have enough participants, you can randomly join a room to play with other random players.

Download (163M)

What's new

• Season 11 begins!
• New Character: Jamal
• New Game Mode: Green Light, Red Light
• Bugfixes and Improvements

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