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Tabou Stories MOD APK v2.26 (Unlimited Diamonds)

Tabou Stories MOD APK v2.26 (Unlimited Diamonds)

Updated: 20-07-2024 (11 hours ago)
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Tabou Stories
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Tabou Stories MOD APK is the latest product of the publisher You will become the main character in a romantic novel and go in search of the true love of your life.

About Tabou Stories MOD APK

If you regularly follow the articles on MODDER.ME, you still remember the Hollywood Story: Fashion Star game by Today, I also present to you a game from this developer, but in a completely different genre. The game is titled Tabou Stories: Love Episodes in the simulation, role-playing genre. An interesting, romantic plot with the main character is a young girl who is on her way to find her true love. Certainly, this game will not disappoint you.

Simple gameplay

Tabou Stories: Love Episodes is a game designed to work on mobile, so the control system is as minimal as possible. You even just need to play Tabou Stories with one finger. Moreover, the game is built in a dating style, so the gameplay is mainly about story exploration.

The challenging and engaging point of Tabou Stories: Love Episodes is that you must make the correct choices to continue the story. Because each choice will have a different outcome and they can be good or bad. Even in the plot, if you make the wrong choice, your character can be killed. So please consider carefully before making a decision.

Diverse plot

Tabou Stories: Love Episodes does not have a story that runs through the entire game, but rather is a collection of many different little stories. This helps players experience many new events instead of an easy boring storyline. Here are a few interesting stories that I want to share with you.

First story

Because you have been single for a long time, you decide to go through a matchmaker to find a suitable mate. However, it is surprising that you were chosen to join a reality dating program. You are the only girl on the show with a cast of celebrities, singers, and actors. All are handsome, elegant, and hot. Will you choose who?

Second story

In this second story, you are just an ordinary girl attending a small university. Her life is suddenly disturbed by an accidental meeting with Henry Lockwood. He is a young and handsome millionaire. Unexpectedly, Henry suggested she be his fake girlfriend. Contrary to his attractive appearance, Henry is a complex human and has a mysterious family. Will you accept this offer or return to normal student life?

Select romantic chapter

Each story usually has different chapters and you have the option to continue with your story. However, choices are often based on what happened earlier. So if you don’t follow up from the start, it’s easy to go wrong. But you will also be given a few opportunities to correct the mistake. Don’t worry too much!

Download Tabou Stories MOD APK for Android

A lot of things are waiting for you to discover in this romantic role-playing game. Download now the MOD APK version that we provide below to experience the game more easily.

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