Download Talking Tom Blast Park MOD APK (Unlimited Money) to build the park with Tom and his lovely friends and fight against the destructive pandas.

Overview information

PublisherOutfit7 Limited
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Introduce about Talking Tom Blast Park

The publisher Outfit7 Limited has marked the return of the legendary series My Talking Tom with a new version called Talking Tom Blast Park. However, in this new version, your task is not merely to raise and take care of a virtual pet. At Talking Tom Blast Park, you will join Tom and familiar friends to fight and fight against ferocious pandas trying to destroy the beautiful park. Currently, Talking Tom Blast Park is being released on the Android platform and completely free to download. Are you ready to experience this exciting new version?

Talking Tom Blast Park mod apk


Talking Tom Blast Park is an action game, it quite similar to the gameplay on Talking Tom Sky Run that we introduced in the previous post. However, the publisher is aiming for the novices who are young, so the gameplay still retains the majority of the cute and lovely features of the original versions. In Talking Tom Blast Park, your task is to help Tom and his lovely friends build an amusement park. However, this is not simply because they have to face the pest of pandas. They are very crowded and act like a band of bandits. In order for the job to be completed on schedule, you must stop the vandals from successfully executing their plot.

Talking Tom Blast Park mod


You won’t be able to chase away the large pandas with your bare hands. Therefore, Talking Tom Blast Park has provided players with a huge arsenal of weapons with many unique designs. Use Bubble Blaster, Plunger Bow, The Toaster,… and many high-damage weapons to wipe out the pandas wave quickly. What could be more interesting than seeing your enemy explode and smoke like fireworks?

Confront with the panda gang leader

The Rakoon crowd acts as a professional gang bandit. To do that, they have to be run by a dodgy leader. And Rakoon Captain is the leader of these large pandas. Unlike the pandas, the Rakoon Captain is a very difficult guy to deal with. It will take a lot of time and effort to be able to defeat him. However, once you defeat this leader, it will affect the entire panda army and you can win quickly.

Talking Tom Blast Park mod apk

Restoring the park

When the pandas sweep through the park, they will take away the parts to build the park. Without those components, the games in the park wouldn’t be able to function. For example, the ferris wheel won’t work without a wheel, etc. Collect the lost items by picking up the drop items that the pandas have dropped while fighting. Because the park would not be complete without pandas. So, let’s take advantage of restoring each part of the park quickly!

The land and many new friends

Winning the pandas will help you get more attractive rewards. In particular, you will also receive Golden Gear – an item that helps you open quite a lot of interesting lands. Fight pandas from jungle to desert, to the wild west, or even fantasy lands. The more new lands you unlock, the more you have the opportunity to meet more funny friends like Hank or Angela,…

MOD APK version of Talking Tom Blast Park

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Coins/Diamonds: Coins and diamonds will increase as you use them. With this version, you can completely upgrade and recharge your weapons. Also, unlocking unique costumes for characters is free.

Download Talking Tom Blast Park MOD APK for Android

Fun, engaging, and addictive. Talking Tom Blast Park is an entertaining game suitable for killing time during your spare days. If you are interested in Talking Tom Blast Park MOD APK, immediately access the link we provide below and experience it!