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Join fiery tank battles in Tank Stars 2 MOD APK. This is an Arcade game for Android mobile devices. If you are a tank enthusiast then surely you cannot ignore this game. With unique military combat gameplay, Tank Stars 2 promises to bring you the best experience!

About Tank Stars 2 MOD APK

Tank Stars 2 MOD APK

Perhaps the Arcade genre is no longer strange to the game lover community. However, among thousands of such games, there must be a difference in order to attract everyone to participate. And Tank Stars 2 has a unique difference that I want to mention. This is an orbital shooting game. If you are a fan of the famous Gunny game, you will surely love the gameplay of Tank Stars 2. This game from the publisher Playgendary Limited has been extremely successful since the first season, it attract millions of players. Almost anyone who participates is fascinated by Tank Stars. And so far, when the second season comes out, the publisher promises it will be even more explosive. Loads of new features have been updated, along with more diverse challenges, more tanks, and new weapons. Don’t waste time being curious about it, quickly download it to have the most memorable entertainment moments!

A treasure trove of new tanks and weapons

Compared to the first season, the second season of Tank Stars has added more new tank models. Inspired by reality, the game will give you the feeling of controlling the most modern combat machines of World War II. Different types of tanks will be easily distinguished by extremely prominent colors such as yellow, orange, purple, red, green, blue,… If you are wondering which type of tank to choose. Because each one is equipped with impressive weapons, choose according to your favourite color. Surely piloting a tank with your symbolic color or luck will increase your confidence in battle. In addition, Tank Stars also added new weapons. A lot of different types of bullets, bombs, nuclear bombs… will make you overwhelmed.

Weapon Upgrade

Tank Stars 2 MOD APK

To increase the challenge of Tank Stars 2, it is not only easy to fight and win by owning a weapon. Players also have to use gold coins to upgrade their weapons. Each weapon will be divided by level 1,2 and 3 stars. Of course, 3 is the highest level and gives the greatest damage potential. Do not underestimate the upgrade of this weapon because if the opponent’s weapon is more advanced, of course, when hit by their bullets, you will lose strength faster. So, you know how to calculate, don’t feel sorry to upgrade weapons and equip your tank with the most advanced weapons. Trust me, it’s never too late to be careful if you want to be the winner all the time.

Familiar gameplay

As I introduced at the beginning, Tank Stars 2 has the same gameplay as Gunny, which is orbital shooting. In each match, there is only you and a single opponent. The terrain of the match is mountainous with hidden spots, but the player is observed from a third perspective and will know the enemy’s location. The game will split the shot between you and the opponent in turn. What you need to do is choose the type of weapon for the turn, adjust the direction, angle and force of the shot. Depending on the position of the opponent, there is a different way of shooting. Don’t let the bullets miss the target because the opponent can knock you out first. Such a way of playing requires the player to be observant, knowing the strength to be just enough. Try to get the upper hand from the first shots!

Multiple game modes

Tank Stars 2 MOD APK

Tank Stars 2 offers players both online and offline modes. When playing offline, players will practice shooting with AI machines. Don’t underestimate them because they have the ability to shoot very accurately. Playing matches like that will help you gain more experience, knowledge with such a distance, how much force and direction to shoot. Join anytime, anywhere as long as your hands are free. As for the online mode, you will play against players from all over the world. There will be a leaderboard for all players. Can you be at the top of the best?

Beautiful graphics

The graphics of Tank Stars 2 are 2D graphics, the very detailed drawings make the images of tanks extremely similar to reality. Besides, the color coordination of this game also leaves many impressions for players. The combination of light and dark colors makes it easy for players to immerse themselves in the battle. The interface is simple and focused on scientific intuitive design, suitable for all screens of mobile devices.

How to unlock tanks and upgrade weapons easier? Let us help you! With the unlimited money feature that our Tank Stars 2 MOD APK version provides, you don’t need to worry about anything, freely owning everything you want.

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