The Muscle Hustle
The Muscle Hustle

The Muscle Hustle Mod APK v2.4.6154 (One Hit, Dumb Enemy)

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App Name The Muscle Hustle
Mod Features One Hit, Dumb Enemy
Version 2.4.6154
Size 136M
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The Muscle Hustle MOD APK is a sports game about wrestling. The game is designed to simulate fierce wrestling matches, you will play the role of a professional wrestler directly confronting other strong opponents. Show that you are a formidable wrestler in intense confrontation.


The fights become impressed with your ability to use your power against opponents. You can completely team up with friends to become the strongest wrestling team in The Muscle Hustle MOD APK.

The Muscle Hustle The Muscle Hustle


The features in this game are completely easy for you to access and use the character movement feature. Deciding on the appropriate attack will be independently controlled by you, you just need to click the movement button corresponding to the attack you want, instantly knocking down your opponent in a split second.


If you choose to play as a team, set up a smart task roster right away to defeat your opponents more easily. During the team mission, you will become the team leader training your team members how to move and when to strike. Depending on the strength and weaknesses of the opponents, you need to consider the appropriate assignment of tasks depending on the strength that the members of your team possess. Besides, your own coaching is one of the factors that create the success of team members. Train them to be the strongest wrestling team!


The game includes hundreds of different levels, many challenges from easy to difficult, depending on your choice of level. You can exploit a really high score by staying at the top of the leaderboard to prove your strength in other matches.

The Muscle Hustle The Muscle Hustle


Joining the atmosphere of the intense match between you and your opponent is indispensable for the hilarious commentary from the in-game commentator and the enthusiastic cheers from the audience around the arena. All increase your duel when compared with the opponent. Also from the match, the talents are waiting for you to discover to form a wrestling team to participate in the group competition.


The fight becomes more dramatic, it can be said that thanks to the visual effects, the sound is extremely vivid and realistic. It is the sound and visual effects of the game that bring an enjoyable experience to players when entering the game.

Do you want to become a professional wrestler? Do you aspire to become an excellent wrestling coach? Let The Muscle Hustle MOD APK make your dreams come true.

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