The Sims Mobile

v25.0.3.108687 • MOD Unlimited Money
January 14, 2021

Experience rich and exciting moments in the life of Sims characters. Help them fulfill their career goals, improve their lives, socialize, and develop relationships in The Sims Mobile MOD APK.

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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Introducing The Sims Mobile

We all know The Sims – the best-selling simulation game of all time. The Sims Mobile is a completely new version of this game. Now you can get creative with unique characters and make their daily lives more enjoyable. Developer ELECTRONIC ARTS promises that this will be the most feature-rich, smooth, and eye-catching version of this cult series.

Create your character

The Sims world becomes diverse and attractive thanks to its unique character creation feature. You can become a serious office girl with glasses on her face. Or transform into a “bad girl” with a two-wire shirt and attractive high boots. Transformed into a wild guy with scary tattoos all over his body.


This is an extension of The Sims Mobile. You will control your character to perform everyday tasks. Go to work, clean the house, go to a coffee shop or fitness center, chat with your neighbors. Performing quests will help you earn money and level up. This way you can unlock new items and activities.

During the quest, you will be able to interact with other Sim characters. You can even play up a few pranks to tease your Sim friends.


In The Sims Mobile, there are 3 main types of events: Career Events, Special Events and Socialize Events.

Career Events are everyday tasks that you need to perform. Once completed you can receive cash, tickets, and simoleons. After earning enough experience points and upgrading the character’s profile, Special Events will unlock. Socialize Events are mainly where you can develop character relationships. There are 5 types of relationships including friendly, romantic, rival, favorite, and family.

A little tip I want to share with you on how to automate events. Many people won’t know that The Sims Mobile has this functionality. You just need to tap on the star and choose the action to complete quickly. Or you can do those tasks manually.

The world in The Sims Mobile

What I like the most is this game accurately simulates real life. Sim characters will even age and retire, and their descendants will resume the work of the previous generation. For example, the daughter of a yoga teacher might set up a dance studio,…


Because it is a simulation game, every Sim character’s actions will consume energy. You can restore energy by putting the character to sleep. If you don’t want to waste time, you can use rockets to boost. The rockets here are the pies and cakes. You can get them by completing quests.

MOD feature of The Sims Mobile

  • Unlimited money.

Download The Sims Mobile MOD APK for Android

I’m sure whether you’ve been a fan of The Sims series for many years or have just known the genre, you will be satisfied with The Sims Mobile. Download now the MOD APK version that we provide to get more free resources.