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The Sims: Project Rene APK v1.0.0 (Latest Version) Download

The Sims: Project Rene APK v1.0.0 (Latest Version) Download

Updated: 24-10-2022 (2 years ago)
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The Sims: Project Rene
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About The Sims: Project Rene

The latest version of The Sims: Project Rene for all Android mobile devices has been officially released. You do not need to pay a download fee, experience the game of the most attractive simulation genre completely free. If real life has not satisfied you enough then you can fulfill the life you dream of in this game. Absolutely no limits, you can do what you like, and choose the items you want. To make it realistic, players need to work to earn money, build relationships themselves, and make friends with friends. There are many activities that you can participate in. More than just work, have fun by participating in themed parties. You can completely become the party organizer. Live the life you dream of!

Search for your job

The Sims requires players to find jobs that match their abilities and interests. You will have to go from the lowest rank, gain experience and gradually level up. Change jobs whenever you want, as long as you meet like-minded people. Get bonus Life Points to level up and money to sustain life. You won’t be able to live without these two, it’s inspired by reality. Everyone needs to accumulate skills and money to sustain their lives. Make as much money as you can, countless opportunities are waiting for you to exploit.

Build your dream home

We can’t be without shelter, The Sims simulates true life from the street to each house. Based on the money you earn you can buy an apartment or build a house on your land. Buy household furniture and arrange it yourself. Reshape the house to any pattern you want. You can even date, get married and have kids. Have fun with your family in the warm home you’ve built.

Take part in fun activities

The Sims allows players to interact with each other by texting, sending stickers. The game is online mode so make sure the other person is also a real person. Connect with people and organize activities with them. For example, organize a carnival, hire a DJ, a dance floor, a chef to cook and then invite friends to come. Hold a blindfold contest, guess the object, attach a horse’s tail, etc. Surely you can’t stop laughing while participating in this game. An entertainment space that is not disturbed by advertising.

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