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Tile MOD APK v2.130.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Tile MOD APK v2.130.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Updated: 13-06-2024 (1 month ago)
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Finding lost items is very easy with Tile Mod APK. The app makes everything you lose easily searchable thanks to detailed location indications when you link to the app and the item you want to locate when lost.

How to link widgets with apps

To use this application you need to connect the device using bluetooth mode so that when searching, the process will recognize the location faster. The instructions link and you will receive a successful item search notification when you complete the order application tutorial. Now when you unfortunately forget the location of the car lock, you can easily find the location of the key, bag with bluetooth device.

Detailed map directions

The application displays the details of the location of the item you are looking for with a guide map. It’s like a map on google maps that you still use to find your way. In addition, the application also has an audio player that searches for objects, that is, when you search, in addition to the map, you will hear the sound from the application when it detects that the item is very close to you.

More contact information

You can completely add your contact information on this application to make the process of finding information related to items faster. Others when picking up your items will contact you according to the contact information you have installed on the item to notify your phone or use the QR code scanning function to display contact information Your device makes finding items much more convenient.

Search for widgets by voice

You can search for items by using the microphone to speak the item information you want to search for, so that the application displays detailed map instructions to save you time as well as optimize the voice usage process. say its to search.

Upgrade package to use better apps

To fully experience the functions of the application you need to upgrade the package to use the application. The upgrade package gives you longer distance search, notifications about the current item status and much more with widgets that emit a notification signal.

Download now Tile MOD APK application so that everything around you is always under your control!

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