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If you are having problems in the process of organizing your work, confused because you do not know how to arrange everything, let me introduce you to To-Do List MOD APK. This is an application for Android mobile devices. It will save you the list of tasks that you need to do for you so that there are no omissions.

About To-Do List MOD APK

Today, the more developed world requires people to constantly strive to improve themselves so as not to be left behind. We have so many daily activities that sometimes we are too busy to forget about it. Not only stopping at ordinary daily activities, but too much work also makes us forget important days such as birthdays of family members, anniversaries, etc. That’s why To-Do List appeared. help us to solve this problem. A user to-do task manager so you get it all done and make sure you don’t miss a thing. Thanks to its high efficiency, To-Do List has received hundreds of thousands of downloads on the Google Play Store and has an almost absolute rating of 4.9/5 stars.

Organize to-dos in groups

To-Do List encourages users to create topic headings for tasks. Such as the To-do group where your work-related activities and deadlines need to be completed. Or the Personal group provides reminders about meal times, breaks, exercise every day, etc. You can also create a Family section where important birthdays and anniversaries are stored so you never forget them now.

Set reminders from time to time

Create notifications or alarms for important tasks so you never forget them. Set an early alarm before you need to get it done so that if you miss it, there’s still enough time to get it done. You can even create reminders on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Remember only once and set a schedule for the application. Then the To-Do List will remind you to complete it.

Create a beautiful look for your notes

An indispensable feature for those who focus on the science and aesthetics of notes. There are many colors and icons to choose from when designing your to-do list. Unleash your creativity to make them the most eye-catching. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it. Giving a good-looking plan also stimulates us to complete it faster.

Track job completion status

After completing each task, please tick the completed button in the To-Do List application. This is important because it shows that you’re really done and the app doesn’t need to repeat the prompt. Besides, To-Do List will give statistics and graphs about the number of things you have completed, your frequency of not completing is high or not so that you know how to adjust it yourself.

Not every feature on To-Do List with a free account. Only when you pay an extra fee to upgrade your account to Premium will you be allowed to use all features. Instead of paying a fee, you can unlock all the features of the application without paying anything extra with the To-Do List MOD APK version that we provide.

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