October 17, 2020

TOP OFFROAD Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is an attractive Off-road driving simulator with beautiful 3D graphics. With the MOD APK version we provide, you can comfortably upgrade your SUVs, pickups to become really powerful.

Overview information

PublisherFNK Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Tokens
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Introducing TOP OFFROAD Simulator


FNK Games has long been familiar with the gaming community thanks to its successful racing products. But TOP OFFROAD Simulator gets everyone’s attention thanks to its outstanding features and beautiful graphics. Participating in this game, you will experience the dangerous off-road roads on the underground terrain vehicles.

Game modes


Among the terrain driving games I have tried, I rate TOP OFFROAD Simulator as one of the games with the most diverse game modes. It includes 5 game modes Challenges, Racing, Truck Challenges, Mudding, and Extreme Challenges. In which Challenges is the main game mode. In this mode, you will discover hundreds of different extremely tough races on the hilly roads and dangerous rocks. Players need to complete the main quests that the game offers to get stars and unlock more new terrains.

In races in the main game mode. The player’s task is to collect “checkpoints” randomly located on the map. They are numbered and appear one after another. To win and achieve high scores, it requires players to have skillful skills, handle difficult situations, and limit unfortunate collisions. If the collision is too strong or the vehicle breaks down, the player will be automatically deducted.

Off-road car systems and upgrades

TOP OFFROAD Simulator provides players with a unique vehicle system that any gamer cannot ignore. The SUV collection is extremely diverse from models we can meet in real life such as Mercedes-Benz G-Class, Range Rover, Jeep Wrangler to some bunker models with unique looks. The garage system has an upgrade feature that helps players improve the quality of the car. This helps the vehicle’s index to be increased, better performance on complex terrain in stormy weather conditions.

Intuitive interface

To help players get the best experience, TOP OFFROAD Simulator provides a realistic driver that allows using features such as forward, reverse, turn left, and right. In addition, the game also has a normal driving mode, climbing mode, obstacle overcoming.

The designed background is quite realistic. Players will experience driving through dense forests, across rugged slopes next to the abyss, etc.



Off-road games always bring a lot of real feelings and powerful thanks to modern graphics. Developed on the advanced graphics Engine 4 allows TOP OFFROAD Simulator to provide sharp images and smooth movements. The terrain background is meticulously designed from trees, rocks, and especially the beautiful impact effect. Certainly, TOP OFFROAD Simulator will bring an unforgettable Off-road experience to gamers.

MOD APK version of TOP OFFROAD Simulator

MOD feature

  • Unlimited money, Tokens: You will not have to worry about financial problems with the MOD APK version that we provide below. Add more racing cars to your favorite collection and upgrade them to make them even more powerful.

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Download TOP OFFROAD Simulator MOD APK for Android

TOP OFFROAD Simulator MOD APK opens up a wide-open environment that allows racers to satisfy their passion for conquering their roads. Download the latest version for your Android device via the link below.