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Totally Reliable Delivery Service MOD APK v1.4121 (All Unlocked)

Totally Reliable Delivery Service MOD APK v1.4121 (All Unlocked)

Updated: 06-05-2022 (2 years ago)

MOD Description

  • All paid content unlocked
  • After the first launch of the game, you need to completely exit it, restart it and wait a bit (these actions unlock the Join Game and Quick Join buttons).
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Totally Reliable Delivery Service
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All Unlocked
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Totally Reliable Delivery Service MOD APK is an attractive delivery staff simulation game for mobile phones. The interesting thing is that you are not just playing alone. You can set up a team of up to 4 as your friends to assist with the delivery mission.

About Totally Reliable Delivery Service MOD APK

Delivery is a very old business. But in the early days, it was mainly used to transport very long distances. Shipping costs are also huge. With the development of science and technology, many people have plenty of money but do not want to move out to buy an item. However, this development has yet to allow automated delivery. That is why the transport profession is extremely developed. You may also be a customer of this service recently. But with Totally Reliable Delivery Service MOD APK, you will have to play the role of shipping workers. Shipping for fastidious customers.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service MOD APK

The game was developed by the tinyBuild team. The group has many famous Indie game products such as Hello Neighbor, Rawmen, Trash Sailors,… The products are well received by the community of players. This game has now attracted more than 5 million downloads on Google Play. The number that shows the attractiveness of the game is not inferior to other famous products of the group.

Difficult transport mission in Totally Reliable Delivery Service

The main job of a delivery officer is of course to receive the goods and then deliver them to a known address. In the Totally Reliable Delivery Service MOD APK game, you will start off as normal crates. You need to deliver it to the location marked in advance on the map. The earlier you deliver, the more money you will get. The crates are also durable. If your item is damaged before it reaches the recipient, your mission will fail. Simple as that but that’s just the beginning. Places are getting further and further away, you can not just carry boxes and run to your destination. It is too long and you will be rewarded with very little. You need to take advantage of all the means available on the street to deliver goods. It can be a small car, a big truck, a flying machine, a hot air balloon,… You should consider the distance you will travel before deciding what means to transport. For example, if the address is on the mountain, you should choose an airplane instead of a truck. The delivery missions are also getting more and more difficult. You will have to deliver from a normal inventory, a fish that is bigger than a friend, a chemical tank, or a nuclear power machine,… Lots of missions available, using your ability to deliver fast goods. and safest.

Connect with friends

Totally Reliable Delivery Service MOD APK

The game has a single-player mode if you want to play seriously. But if you want to have your friends join you, the game also supports you enthusiastically. Friend connection mode will allow up to 4 players in the same world. You will transport the goods to your destination with your friends. It is unpredictable if it is faster or slower than when you were a single player. But certainly, the laughter and joy that this game mode gives are much greater.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service use great 3D graphics

Totally Reliable Delivery Service MOD APK

Graphics in the Totally Reliable Delivery Service MOD APK do not aim at elements that are realistic or detailed. It is built quite simply. But random objects in the game can all interact, which helps in your quest. The characters are built with a noticeable profile of round fat. Simple head, legs, and arms. It is this simplicity that increases the fun of the game.

MOD APK version of Totally Reliable Delivery Service

This is a very fun game to play with friends. But it would be catastrophic when your friends are just running around and not doing anything useful for the mission. As a result, they will soon get frustrated when they have explored all the locations in the game. Don’t worry, use the Totally Reliable Delivery Service MOD APK provided by us. The modified version unlocks locations only paid players can have. Helps you comfortably explore the vast game world.

MOD features

  • Unlock the DLC pack
  • Unlock some hats

Download Totally Reliable Delivery Service MOD APK for Android

The game is currently available for free on Google Play. And the only way for developers to get money is through in-game paid plans. If you have had a good experience with the game and want the developer to update more interesting features. Why not pay for them to have more development funds? If you have any questions, difficulties in the process of installing and experiencing the game. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section of the article.

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