Not everyone can carry a lot of people on their shoulders in the Tower Run MOD APK (Unlimited Money) version. If one day you feel strong, you are definitely joining Tower Run to build the tower by people with barefoot without shoes.

Overview information

MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Introducing Tower Run MOD APK

MOD feature

In Tower Run MOD APK, we want to give players a huge amount of money. Help you to conquer the difficult distances of the game easily.

  • Unlimited Money: Brings a large sum of money to players.

Among us, everyone has heard or heard of the name Voodoo. This is a famous entertainment game maker in the world. Every game released by the company does not put pressure on the player. With an interesting puzzle screen. The games that they bring are suitable for those who need a light entertainment game.

Recently, developer Voodoo has launched a new product called Tower Run. Because of its simple and addictive gameplay, the game is attracting a lot of gamers, In the game, players will skillfully build the tower by themselves. Get as many people to the finish line as possible. Graphics are not much to say, is considered quite modest if not bad.

Simple gameplay

The gameplay of Tower Run is very simple but requires the ingenuity of the player. Start by tapping the screen so the character can move. Along the way, there will be lots of people who want to participate in the games you create. Connect with them by jumping on the shoulders of people along the way. You notice, on the way, there are red dots, it is where you can get the momentum to jump on the shoulders of the pedestrians.

Players need to pay attention to the distance with the red dot. Going too far with it or jumping early will lead to failure to continue on the shoulders of people standing on the road. Along the way there will be some obstacles that make it difficult for players. Such as the stairs, or maybe the barriers. The player needs to jump over them, otherwise, the human tower will fall down. After collecting enough players, you will be taken to the destination and landed on the ladder of fame. If enough people follow the requirements of the game, you will reach the highest milestone that is opening the positive money. Huge sums of money are waiting for you in the puzzle screen in Tower Run. Are you ready to conquer it yet?


The graphics in Tower Run don’t have much to say. Players will be walking through the forests, large beaches with rows of green coconut. Although, the graphics in Tower Run are not designed in detail, with bright colors Tower Run is enough to attract players. Moreover, there are many new places waiting for you to explore. Along Tower Run, travel on the small screen of the phone offline.


The above are judgments made through our experience. It can be said, Tower Run MOD APK is an addictive entertainment game for players. I played it all afternoon. Although the graphics are not beautiful, in return, its gameplay is extremely attractive. Did I try, and you?

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