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Toy Blast Mod APK v11876 (Unlimited Money/Lives/Boosters)

App Name Toy Blast
Mod Features Unlimited Money/Lives/Boosters
Version 11876
Size 152M
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If you are a fan of the Puzzle game genre, then you must definitely try to experience Toy Blast MOD APK. The main character in the game is Amy, she is starting a journey to explore the world of toys. Players will accompany the girl, solving attractive puzzles. A series of challenges are waiting for you and Amy to discover, quickly join!

About Toy Blast MOD APK

Anyone who loves entertaining mobile games has heard about the Candy Crush game, which is a famous game in the puzzle genre. I bet if you like the gameplay of Candy Crush you will also love Toy Blast. Since its launch, publisher Peak’s game has had thousands of downloads. Reviews of those who have experienced it are very positive, they say that they seem to have found the best place to have a relaxing time after a long stressful day. There are many interesting things in the world of Toy Blast waiting for you.

Gameplay simple, familiar

Match-3 games seem to be very familiar to us, anyone has tried to participate in childhood. You will have to change the position of the blocks so that the blocks of the same color follow certain rules, such as horizontal, vertical,… then, they will cancel each other and new blocks. appear. However, in Toy Blast, that’s just the simplest thing. You can completely connect four or five blocks together, then they will create special power blocks. These strange blocks will allow you to break more, wider range. Sometimes those special blocks will appear automatically. Your task is to be the smartest to move the blocks so that as many blocks are destroyed as possible. It’s like a puzzle, not only must the solution be solved, but the solution must be good. The better you perform, the more rewards you get.

The challenges are limitless

Toy Blast will provide players with a variety of challenges in succession. They go from easy to difficult levels, the deeper you go, the more difficult the puzzle you need to solve becomes. Publisher Peaky has been very successful in attracting players with a passion for conquest. The task of each game screen is also constantly changing. The beginning can be as simple as breaking as many blocks of color as possible. But later on, the task may be limited by time, or the colored blocks surrounded by bubbles will not be destroyed the first time, must collect lost items stuck in the matrix,… Hundreds of different levels are waiting to be solved by you. In Toy Blast MOD APK, the challenge is limitless.

Compete on leaderboards

It seems that any game where there is a leaderboard, where players compete for rankings, will become more attractive. Toy Blast too will have a leaderboard where your friends and many different players from around the world appear. Try to get yourself the highest possible rank, maybe one day your name will be at the top. In addition to the regular rankings, players can also participate in direct confrontation with other players in the legendary arena, competing to see who can solve the puzzle faster. Toy Blast Mod Apk also creates seasonal events, with many completely new themes to attract players. Such as Star Tournament, Crown Race, Treasure Hunt,…

Cute companion character

As I said, you will be with Amy, the cute little girl in this game. She will explain to you the tasks that you need to do at each level, how to win. In addition, Amy also suggests information on how to use special items, how to use gold coins to buy things, buy privileges. On the way to explore the world of Toy Blast Mod, you and Amy will meet many other cute characters. Chat with them for more useful information, I’m sure you need to use it to win the challenges ahead. So don’t hesitate to get to know them and listen to what they have to say.

Attractive graphics and sound

Toy Blast’s graphics have a cute style, bright colors make everything vibrant and always full of energy. Besides, the sound element of the game is also highly appreciated, the instrumental music is very fun to listen to, combined with the explosions every time you break the color blocks. All combined to make players seem to forget all their troubles and immerse themselves in Toy Blast.

Download Toy Blast MOD APK for Android

In contrast to many other games, Toy Blast does not install too many annoying ads for players, you can even play offline. It’s great, right? Use the Toy Blast MOD APK version that we also provide to earn unlimited gold coins, unlimited lives. Your leisure time will never be interrupted.

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