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Traffic Racer MOD APK has created a racing fever for lovers of this thrilling racing game genre. Crazy and not following any rules, the game is sure to stimulate all your senses.

About Traffic Racer MOD APK

Traffic Racer MOD APK

Traffic Racer is a product from the publisher Soner Kara. Right from the start of the game, you can also see the difference between Traffic Racer compared to other racing games. Instead of special racetracks, Traffic Racer’s racetracks are everyday traffic roads. You will simply play the role of a driver and drive crazy without obeying traffic laws. It is the simplicity of Traffic Racer’s rules of play that has created a unique substance that attracts a large number of players.

Simple gameplay

Traffic Racer creates a normal traffic road, but there are no signs and traffic lights, only other vehicles are on the road. Traffic Racer MOD APK control is also very simple, like other racing games. You just need to touch and tilt the screen left/right, gas and brake pedals on the right, clexon on the left side of your mobile screen for the car to move.

Participating in Traffic Racer, you will experience driving on four different roads such as driving in the night city, through the hot desert, driving through residential areas or even the roads are being razed swept by the blizzard. Behind these crazy powerful wheels, you can drive anywhere and explore beautiful places. There are five main game modes in Traffic Racer including Endless, Two-Way, Time Trial, Police Chase, and Free Ride. Each mode has its own challenges and characteristics that make it different.

Overtake other cars

Traffic Racer MOD APK 2

If you are a driver, there are times when you feel very inhibited and uncomfortable while driving on the road (especially when traveling in the city). Coming to Traffic Racer, you will be able to relax and release your previous repressions. You do not need to wait when there is a traffic jam or the cars ahead are too slow. The only thing you need to do in Traffic Racer MOD APK is to drive fast and skillfully move so as not to collide with other cars on the road. However, this game also requires you to be very sharp and quick, because if there is a collision, you will have to start from the beginning. The later, the greater the density of vehicles moving around you, which has created a huge challenge for you.

Time is the score in Traffic Racer. The longer you drive on the road, the more points you get back. However, there are also a few tricks to help you increase your score. That is increasing the speed to more than 100km/h or even driving in the opposite direction. But this trick is only for skilled players because the risk is very high. Try to surpass and break your own record!

In addition, Traffic Racer also has an online ranking system. You can share your score with friends, relatives or even strangers as long as you play Traffic Racer. Then you can challenge and compete with everyone to see who is the real racer.

Rich vehicle warehouse

Traffic Racer MOD APK 1

Traffic Racer provides players with a huge and eye-catching vehicle inventory. There are more than 40 different types of cars, from popular to luxury and expensive. You can find epic custom cars or even old trucks in the game store. Moreover, you can customize, create and upgrade your favorite cars to make them look special. Use the bonuses in the races and buy the right car for yourself right away.


Compared to other games of the same genre, the graphics in Traffic Racer MOD APK are not really excellent. But it is the simple image, the wide viewing angle that makes the player feel more comfortable, and the player can easily handle it when encountering an emergency situation. Traffic Racer’s physical simulation is highly appreciated when moving and handling very smoothly, combined with sound to make the entertainment moments more sublime.

Many useful lessons

The game sounds very crazy, but in fact, Traffic Racer brings a lot of useful lessons for players. Not only is it a place to relieve stress, but the game also shows us how terrible the consequences will be if we drive too fast, not obeying traffic laws in real life. And the game also recommends that we do not do things in the game in real life because in real life there will be no reset button like the game.

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