Train to Gensan MOD APK v9.2 (Unlimited Ducks)

Update on January 22, 2022 (2 years ago)

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Train to Gensan MOD APK is an action game genre inspired by the famous and illustrious “Train to Busan” movie. On that life-and-death trip, many people are infected with a virus created by zombies and turn into scary and disgusting corpses. What will you do and how will you fight. Please download and try it out.

Train to Gensan MOD APK attracts “terrible” players

Train to Gensan MOD APK

Just released and released the game, Train to Gensan has resonated and attracted more than 5 thousand downloads on the Google Play store system. What makes that impressive number? Train to Gensan attracts audiences by simple 2D graphics and unexpected situations created in the game. In the game, you will play the role of an old woman who is on a train to return with her beloved grandchild but unfortunately meets zombie corpses trying to destroy humanity. Your task is to destroy the zombies with simple to modern weapons to win.

Kill zombies on the train of life and death

Train to Gensan MOD APK

Faced with the sight of a ship littered with walking corpses, what would you do? At each round, Train to Gensan will equip you with a set of zombie-killing weapons. During the allotted time, you try to stay calm and fight the zombies craving for human flesh. The weapon set will be advanced and modernized as the player’s rank increases. Simple gameplay with realistic images, this is probably the idlest zombie game for many players.

Simple gameplay

Train to Gensan MOD APK

Different from the realistic and fierce 3D game genres, Train to Gensan is a simple and easy zombie raid action game. If you are looking for an interesting and fun game, then this is definitely the game for you. Kill all zombies on the train, you will leave here and on your way back to your beloved grandchild. Doesn’t have to make you think hard, with only one weapon, you can easily complete the task with this game.

Currently, the Train to Gensan MOD APK game has released a version that supports iOS and Android mobile platforms. With many highlights and attractions, this is a game that has received many positive reviews on the system. Are you ready to join? Kill all the scary zombies with modern weapons, you will dominate the train and win. Download this game now and relive the fierce battle in “Train to Busan”.

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