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Become a successful oil trader in Turmoil MOD APK. This is a Casual game on Android mobile devices for ages 12 and up. Players will experience the process of finding potential oil fields, buying land, selling exploited oil, buying and selling stocks, and becoming rich. The MOD version helps you experience all the levels of the game without any purchase fees. Surely any of us want to have a good business. Then with the MOD feature that unlocks all Turmoil’s tools that we provide, you will certainly never lack machines to mine or money to conduct transactions. Own as much land as you can, the more oil rigs you put, the higher your profit will be. Quickly download and join!

About Turmoil MOD APK

Turmoil MOD APK

For a long time, the oil industry has been a hot topic. It helps many people quickly become rich, oil-rich countries thrive. Oil is known as the “black gold” of the world. Therefore, there are many people who wish to once become an oil trader, see where their luck is. If in fact, it is too difficult to do, you can join Turmoil to better understand the process by which oil ores are discovered, exploited, and finally transported and sold. This game simulates that process in great detail, in addition to adding other related elements such as land auctions, stock trading among rich miners. Let’s develop a business model together! The game of the publisher LTGAMS GLOBAL since its launch has attracted tens of thousands of downloads on the Google Play Store alone. Most of the players leave positive reviews, the rating is 4.6/5 stars.

Selection of companion characters

Turmoil MOD APK

When you first join, Turmoil will lead you to the character selection interface. There are four main characters that are Blanche, Joshua, Rircado, and Daisy. Each of these people has their own personality traits and strengths in the oil industry. For example, Blanche is a seasoned elderly lawyer. She is looking to promote investment in the oil sector and wants you to be a companion. Or the nomad whose herding job has traveled through thousands of different lands. He has a good grasp of lands that are likely to have oil fields. The other is the beautiful Daisy, an intellectual who always has a smart business plan, and Mr. Rircado, an old sailor who wants to spend the rest of his time in the exploitation of oil fields. Which character you choose is up to you. Once you are with them, do your best to become extremely rich. As for the character that you do not choose, sometimes they will become your opponent and sometimes they will be a good collaborator.

Searching for land and oil fields

Turmoil MOD APK

First, Turmoil guides you through the gameplay by taking you to a default field. Step-by-step instructions from finding a mine, setting up an oil drill, and how to transport the oil to the store for sale. In addition to the basic tools, there are many more modern things waiting for you to discover. After you earn a decent amount of money the first land auction takes place. The players select the desired land and pay to mine there. You will then place the detector. Just keep calm and check to see where the signal is strongest before placing the rig. The depth of the drill as well as the direction of the drill are also adjusted by you. Observe carefully to choose a good mining area.

Buy mining tools, oil transportation


As I also introduced, the tools will gradually be unlocked. Every time you buy new machinery and vehicles, you have to pay more. But in return, oil exploitation also took place smoothly. So, do not regret investing money because this “black gold” will bring you double. The higher the technology applied, the shorter the extraction process, the more oil you sell, which means more money. But do not forget to observe the price of oil to choose when to sell. If you see the price is at a low level, you can buy a tank and wait until the price is high to sell. Business always requires flexibility.

Strive to become the richest person


Not only oil extraction, land tenders but also stock auctions. Compete against other competitors in bidding wars, biding just enough to beat them. Getting richer and richer. Good business is an important stepping stone to your way to the top of the oil town. The feeling of being at the top is always great, isn’t it?

Simple graphics

In terms of graphics, Turmoil’s design is not too picky. Usually, the oil extraction screen will have a large area of ​​land, so things like machines, vehicles, people, and houses do not need to be too detailed. Just enough for the player to imagine. Mixed-light and dark colors. With a game that favors business planning content like Turmoil, such graphics are very reasonable.

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