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Verticons Icon Pack APK v2.4.9 (Latest Version) Download

Verticons Icon Pack APK v2.4.9 (Latest Version) Download

Updated: 27-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Verticons Icon Pack
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Verticons Icon Pack APK is an application that provides a series of icons of different themes on your phone. You are bored with using the same icon theme over and over with your phone and want to change the icons often, so it doesn’t take too long to install, your device will look like new and beautiful with Verticons Icon Pack application. The application only has the function to change the phone icon, so you can rest assured about the data stored in your phone.


More than 6000 different apps are synced with this app, allowing download of most popular apps with refreshing icons, including 5000+ additional icon images. The icon designs have modern styling, elegant color schemes, soft lines with flexible and creative shapes. All of these apps are regularly updated, ensuring that you stay up to date with the latest trends. In addition to the impressive icons, the success of the application is also thanks to an impressive collection of wallpapers, designed with high resolution, sophistication and eye-catching. These wallpapers are arranged by specific themes, making it easy for users to search and choose.


Worried that the app will lose privacy information on other apps of your phone when syncing icon packs? Don’t worry, when you run any icon pack, all information and data on your phone will not be affected and lost. Because the application has pre-installed the main function is to only synchronize the wallpaper and icons, so it only changes the shape and color of the application. Therefore, you can buy and experience the app’s icon packs with complete peace of mind.


Not only owning a lot of icons and wallpapers, to install and use this application on your phone you need to spend a small fee to use. You can rest assured that for less than $0.50 you have used this app’s icon pack for life and also get regular icon updates by the app with the latest set of icon templates and wallpapers. In addition, with the above price, you can also experience the function of freely arranging, editing and replacing icons on your favorite wallpaper color.

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