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VIU Mod APK (Premium Unlocked) is an app to watch movies, free TV shows for mobile phones. Download now the MOD version for Android to own the premium features that have been unlocked.


In today’s modern life, many young people do not own a television. Simply because it is quite cumbersome, moving and finding a place to place the TV takes a lot of time. Instead, they choose to have entertainment right on their computers and phones. Therefore, applications for listening to music, watching movies and TV programs are on the rise. If you are a person in need of entertainment wherever you are. Then VIU is an application for you. It carries thousands of different entertainment programs, you are free to watch, save anytime, anywhere.

The application was developed by PCCW – a technology and communications company based in Hong Kong. VIU has released targeting markets in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, the Middle East, and South Africa. With more than 50 million downloads on Google Play and more than 700,000 reviews also on this app market. That confirms the attraction that VIU brings to users around the world.

Various attractive content

You are a drama lover. You can spend up to hours watching movies. The movie store of this application will certainly not disappoint you. It owns thousands of movies from countries with strong TV dramas such as Korea, Thailand, Philippines,… Enjoy famous TV shows from the above countries.

If you want to choose a movie to watch on VIU. You will not need to know its name in advance. Just choose a genre you want to see. The application will immediately suggest the hot content, new content that you will probably want to see. Even when you are enjoying a certain content. The app will suggest other content on the same topic. You can save them for later viewing. Or if you are a fan of a famous singer or actor. The celebrity search feature will be extremely helpful. You will find all the programs and movies they participate in. Enjoying them in turn will be extremely enjoyable.

Subtitles of the program, movies in English, Malaysian, Indonesian, Arabic,… Many languages are supported in the application to help you comfortably enjoy foreign content.

Connection features

The movie you watched last night hasn’t ended yet. But your phone today doesn’t have enough battery to keep going. The login feature will be helpful for this. Just sign up for an account with VIU, now when you view any content, it will be recorded into your account. You can view them on any device like a tablet, laptop, or another phone. Just login with your correct account, everything will be continued.

Watching movies alone for a long time can be very boring. So why don’t you invite more people to watch movies with you? With the sharing feature, you can invite all your friends and relatives to use the application with you to watch movies. The movie will be played on the devices simultaneously. Everyone will watch movies together, experience the same feelings.

You can watch movies anytime & anywhere

As introduced, all of the app’s content is stored online. You can access them at any time or place as long as there is an internet connection there. But what if there is no connection to where you go. The video hosting feature will be what you need. Save your video and review it at any time. Normally, your video will be viewed in HD quality. But if the place you live in, the internet speed is not good. Video playback in HD quality will be affected. Then the App provides an SD option, the video quality will be slightly reduced. But your experience will definitely be smoother.

MOD APK version of VIU

VIU is a free app and is currently available on Google Play. But the features and content will be limited a bit. To be able to unlock you need to pay a small amount to the developer. However, if you are a person who does not have sufficient financial resources. Please choose our version VIU MOD APK. The version has been unlocked with advanced features for Android devices. Help users have a better movie viewing experience without having to pay.

Download VIU MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) for Android

In fact, the premium maintenance fee for VIU is completely not large, only about $2/month. If you have had a good experience using the app. You can choose to pay later. But if you have a bad experience, or have difficulty installing, use it. Don’t forget to let us know below the video’s comments.

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