VN Video Editor Maker MOD APK 1.32.4 (Full, No ads)

Last updated: 22/07/2021 (2 months ago)

Latest Version1.32.4
MOD InfoFull, No ads
RequiresAndroid 5.0
PublisherVN, LLC
PackageGoogle Play Link

VN Video Editor MOD APK is an amazing video editing application for mobile phones. Enjoy a professional editing application that is not inferior to any software on your computer.

VN Video Editor MOD APK

Youtube, the largest video social network on the planet, hosts billions of videos around the world, and more than 2 billion users visit it every month. Initially, this was just a video social network, where users could share their videos for free, and viewers were also free. The developer will attach the video ads, take that cost to maintain the development team and the system. However, over time, there are also many video social networks developed, Youtube has to do something to retain users. They proceed to payment YouTube video creators, turn jobs and post videos here as a normal profession. This motivates creators to create better quality videos and post them on the platform, generating revenue for themselves or the video team.

Not only Youtube, but you can also be a video content creator for many other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Twitch,… But to do this requires you to be more than just one compelling script content, also in terms of images, about your video editing capabilities. Usually, the pros will have a professional video editing application on their computer, it’s powerful, it’s professional and it consumes a lot of equipment resources as well. If you are an amateur innovator, you cannot afford all the expensive equipment including computers, cameras, various recording and editing tools, a regular phone. can meet your needs quite well. The phone has a camera for filming, a light to illuminate dark areas, a social networking app for you to post your recorded videos on. The missing piece here is an application with powerful video editing capabilities, but must be suitable for the phone, easy to use for amateurs. If you do not know what is a good application for you, VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow might be a good choice.

Simple operation

Open the app, you will see the most prominent button in the bottom middle of the screen. Click on it and you can start creating a new video project. Now you will select the videos and photos available in your library to add them to the project. After adding, the edit screen appears, above is the preview screen, you can see your edits changed in real-time here, below contains tools, time bar to let you do your video editing. After the editing process is finished, press save your project and export your video. Wait a minute, your video is ready to be released, it can appear anywhere, generate revenue for you, or simply share it with your friends or family. looks.

Powerful Toolkit

In normal editing software, you will have only 2 main timelines, one video, the second audio. This will greatly limit your creativity. For example, you need to insert a static image that appears above your video, this is not possible. But in this application, you have 4 different time axes, one for video, two for stills, three for writing, four for sound. Although it is not like professional applications that you can create as many bars as you want, personally I think 4 is just enough, not too much, but not too little, very suitable for bright people. amateurs.

The tools here are also extremely complete, from lighting filters, video effects, transition effects, video speed, video cropping are all available. In addition, there are many pre-made effects in the application, just select the video, photo, text, sound you want, the set of effects will be applied to your video instantly, quickly. Fast, powerful, and with very little effort.

Share your creation

Videos from this app, once exported, can be shared on all video platforms. In addition, you can also share it on a social network in this application, where amateur video creators together share their work, learn from experience to be able to create. even better videos.

VN Video Editor MOD APK version

The functionality of the app is amazing, but even more so when it’s freely available, there’s no charge to download, install and use. this application. Then why don’t you immediately download the VN Video Editor APK application by the link right below the article?

Install VN Video Editor MOD APK

To install VN Video Editor MOD APK for Android, you need to do a few steps below.

  1. Download our VN Video Editor MOD APK file.
  2. On your device, search the APK file you just downloaded and install.
  3. Follow the installation steps and complete.

Download VN Video Editor MOD APK for Android

This application is completely free, you do not have to pay for any stage in using, not even watching ads. So it’s easy to see that this application is in the early stages of development, and the developer’s goal is to have a long way to go. No matter what shape they want to develop this app into in the future, at least for now, we have a great free video editing app. Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments below.