Last updated: February 1, 2021

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Wild Blood Is one of the most notable games of Gameloft at the moment. The game attracts gamers with epic action-adventure gameplay with killer graphics. In order to download Wild Blood to your mobile device, fees will be charged. However, with the Wild Blood MOD APK (Unlimited Money) version that we provide, you will completely download it for free and also receive many more attractive features.

Wild Blood MOD APK

MOD Description

  • Unlimited Money
Wild Blood MOD APK

Wild Blood is an action fighting game produced and released by Gameloft. The game impresses the community with a highly guided action adventure with some RPG elements. Participating in this game, you will become a legendary warrior whose mission is to stand up against the evil army that wants to invade your kingdom. Sounds attractive, right? So what are you waiting for without downloading right away!


The story of Wild Blood revolves around a fantasy kingdom, where King Arthur is the ruler. However, he was too cruel and an obsession with power that made people misunderstand. Unable to let King Arthur continue to make mistakes, Queen Guinevere along with her knight Sir Lancelot (herself) is determined to overthrow King Arthur’s regime. Refusing to accept the truth, King Arthur and his sister Morgana Le Fey summoned demons, kidnapped the Queen, and devastated the kingdom. And now the quest to bring peace to the kingdom while saving the Queen from captivity rests on Sir Lancelot’s shoulders.

Attractive action gameplay

As mentioned above, Wild Blood is a mix of action-adventure with some RPG elements. Starting the game, you will begin your adventure journey of killing monsters. Each area has monsters appearing and your task is to destroy them before you can move to other areas. In addition to fighting, there are occasional puzzles about murder, completing them will be rewarded with a chest full of gold.

In addition to story-driven single-player campaigns. You can participate in four-on-four online matches in two modes, Capture The Flag and Team Deathmatch.

Control system

Wild Blood MOD APK

Wild Blood is a game played from a third-person perspective. You have complete control over the camera, so just drag anywhere on the screen and you can see the whole scene. To control Lancelot, you just need to touch the left side and drag will appear a virtual finger. Initially, Lancelot can only swing swords and perform basic movements. But later on, the main character will learn more attacks and dodge attacks, and even use a variety of spells and other weapons.

In the lower right-hand corner cluster are the standard attack buttons for the swing you swing your sword. To get more creative, you can try triggering two special attacks at the same time. However, they are quite an energy-consuming and need time to recover the next time, so consider before using to avoid wastage.


You can earn extra coins in treasure chests, defeat enemies, or rescue girls, even simply get lucky when you smash everything in sight. Use earned coins to upgrade your knight’s stats to help him become stronger.

Graphics and sound

Wild Blood MOD APK

Wild Blood owns beautiful 3D graphics with many impressive details. It can be seen that GameLoft has invested a lot in the context and environment of the games when they are very meticulously designed. The paved streets, buildings, castles make your adventure extremely real. The downside is that sometimes Wild Blood has camera problems, but not too much so you don’t need to worry too much. Sound is a plus point combined with many eye-catching combat effects.

Download Wild Blood MOD APK for Android

Wild Blood is really a fun, engaging fighting game. I firmly believe that with what this game offers, it will appeal and make you not stop playing it for hours. However, in my opinion, the price of $ 6.99 of this game is quite expensive. If you are wondering about the fee, do not hesitate to use the version that we provide.