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About WildStandZ – Unturned Zombie

The world has really come to an end and are you the last one to survive? This is the context that WildStandZ – Unturned Zombie built for all players to experience. Suddenly, one day, biological toxins have changed people and many animals. They are no longer alive and cannot control their behavior. The poisoned people no longer know pain and want to attack other normal people. Once bitten you will also catch the virus like them. A familiar name that we know is the great zombie apocalypse. In this situation, the player must fight the danger, trying to find the remaining survivors to recreate life. Tens of thousands of players have participated in this game and left positive comments about it.

Survive in the day of doom

WildStandZ – Unturned Zombie poses the first situation for you to survive alone. First, the player must find a safe shelter, just let the zombies see or hear the sound coming from you, they will quickly come to attack. Then came the job of collecting leftovers. Although the outside world is dangerous, you must move out to collect food. Find every item that’s still usable and put it in your backpack. Players can choose the character image they want. Character creation is also quite simple, mainly the difference in costumes.

Collect and craft weapons

To fight zombies of course you need a weapon. Weapons can be found as you collect them or unlock them when you reach a certain level. Even from the collected items you can repair or craft it. Some outstanding weapons that I can mention are hand saws, rifles, machine guns, submachine guns, bows, crossbows, grenades. Depending on the situation you encounter, choose the appropriate weapon. If you do not kill the zombies in time, the person in danger is you.

Form a team with survivors

There comes a day when hope emerges when you realize you’re not the only one left alive. WildStandZ – Unturned Zombie creates situations for you to meet other characters in the game. For example, during a time of collecting items you happen to encounter them or they come to your base by themselves because they find out that you are still alive. In this chaotic world you definitely need a companion. Team up with them to move to more livable, zombie-infested lands. But it is an extremely long journey, are you ready or not?

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