Wonder Tactics MOD APK 1.8.0 (One HIT, God Mode)

Name:Wonder Tactics
Latest Version:1.8.0
MOD Info:One HIT, God Mode
Last Updated:03/03/2021 (9 months ago)
Get it on:Google Play Link

The heir to Summoners War – Wonder Tactics MOD APK has officially been released to the gaming community. This is one of the most anticipated major projects of the publisher Com2uS. Wonder Tactics is already widely released on Google Play, but you can download the MOD APK version of this game by clicking on the link we provide below.

Wonder Tactics MOD APK

MOD features

  • MOD Menu
  • One HIT
  • God Mode
Wonder Tactics MOD APK

\After the success of the Summoners War has motivated Com2uS to do something to expand its market. And that is the reason why Wonder Tactics was born. Currently, the game is being tested in four countries, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, to observe the audience’s reaction. If there is a lot of positive response, Wonder Tactics will be released more widely around the world. As a junior of Summoners War, Wonder Tactics cares for both the diverse gameplay modes as well as sharp 3D graphics. With what Wonder Tactics owns and shows, I believe that the game will explode more in the future when it is officially released.

A strategy game

Wonder Tactics MOD APK

Wonder Tactics is a role-playing strategy game where players gather heroes and fight against dark forces.

Matches in Wonder Tactics are played out on a 3×3 grid, facing the opponent’s net. You will have a maximum of 9 heroes in a match, however, in the initial levels, you can only use 3 heroes. When you only use 3 heroes in a match, it is best to line up to utilize their strength. But as you have more heroes and the space on the grid gradually fills up, it’s time to develop a reasonable strategy to get the most out of your power.

Wonder Tactics MOD APK

Each hero has his own skills, weaknesses, and strengths. Your job is to make the most of your strengths. It is very important to decide who is first and second on the net. Personally, I prefer to have heroes with defensive attributes on top, while putting warriors with long-range combat capabilities behind.

In addition, you also need to observe to place the hero so that it is incompatible with the army of the enemy. Because some characters have special abilities that only affect certain parts of the enemy’s grid. For example, a character has the ability to shoot ice explosions down three cells in the back column, if arranged in a position can shoot to the cells that the enemy has the fire attribute will cause more damage.

Special power

In addition to the basic fighting powers of the heroes, in battle, players can use some of their special waiting abilities. They are the result of the character’s fury accumulating while fighting, having tremendous attack power. However, you must also consider using them effectively. Once the battle starts, it will not stop, the enemy will always take advantage of every opportunity to destroy your ability to use special powers.

Army of heroes and upgrades

Wonder Tactics offers players a rich hero collection of up to 300 heroes. Each character is designed with sparkling looks and unique fighting skills. Most heroes belong to one of five attributes including Water, Fire, Earth, Light, and Darkness. You will meet many types of heroes from basic, professional to legendary dragon knights. The larger the number of stars (from 1-6 stars), the more corresponding to the hero’s power.

You can upgrade strength for heroes by activating stats with gems. In addition, with the awakening system, character level increases also mean skill power increases. The player can also evolve the hero using the fixed evolution. Turn hero into another hero with random evolution.

Download Wonder Tactics MOD APK for Android.

Although the plot, original gameplay of Wonder Tactics is not called a novel, the way the game develops is what appeals to gamers. If you love action role-playing games on your phone, don’t miss this game.

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