World of Microbes: Spore Evol MOD APK is an adventure game into the fascinating bacteria world for mobile phones. The creepy bacteria have been shaped by the developer to be less intimidating. Are you brave enough to play this game?

Overview information

PublisherCriss Cross Games
MOD FeaturesMoney, Premium
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Introducing World of Microbes: Spore Evol

World of Microbes: Spore Evol MOD APK

Since ancient times, when the Earth only reached the temperature enough for life. The first organism to live on Earth was made up of a single cell. Over the course of millions of years, this first cell grew into more cells, more functions, forming new varieties such as bacteria, algae, fish, terrestrial animals, terrestrial animals. During this prolonged development, there are many species because they are not suitable for the habitat on Earth anymore. As a result, they were eliminated, permanently disappearing from the world. We are often known as dinosaurs, birds, fish,… but those are just small numbers. There are many species that are quietly born and disappear in silence. They may even be unnamed, typically bacteria species. The war of bacteria is just as harsh as the survival of the animals. But this war is more difficult because they have no brains, do not know how to survive in danger. With the game World of Microbes: Spore Evol, you’ll be one of those bacteria. The only difference is that you have a brain, you know what to do to survive in that world. Use your knowledge and skills to help this little bacteria survive in this harsh world.

Simple gameplay

World of Microbes: Spore Evol MOD APK

At the beginning of the game, you are a very simple bacteria. You have feet to swim, fins to navigate, eyes to see, and teeth to attack enemies. You will use the navigation to swim in the bacterial world. Perform attacks, chase or raid enemies, in addition, can run away from stronger enemies, collect food to evolve or heal. Use your skills flexibly to support better activities.

Game modes

World of Microbes: Spore Evol MOD APK

The first game mode that everyone can join in the open world mode. This is a bacterial world of many different species, small and large, also. You can move freely in this mode and without any goals. Whatever you choose, this is the place to be able to find the ideal food. The second mode is survival battle mode. Another 49 bacteria with you will be released into a shrinking area. Your job is to take down as many opponents as possible and get high rankings. The reward for this quest is definitely far greater than that of the open world. In 1vs1 battle mode, you will encounter a lot of different bacteria one by one. Fight and only 1 of 2 survive in the end. They will get stronger, and their rewards will increase accordingly. So when you feel strong enough to fight, start right away. There are also many other game modes for you to unleash to explore and win rewards for yourself.

Build an unbeatable microbe

As mentioned before, the rewards you win after each battle are usually money, skills, and experience points. With experience, when you collect a certain amount you will level up. Level up, your health limit will increase, ready to fight against even stronger opponents. With skill points, you will upgrade your passive skills. They include 3 main branches: survival, moving, and attacking the enemy. Whichever direction you evolve, these skills will always follow you. Finally the money, with this money you will buy more parts to attach to your body. Parts also come in major categories like movement, survival, and attack. However, differences from passive skills are fixed. These parts you have the right to attach them anywhere on the body you want. You want cute bacteria or good bacteria, or cute and strong bacteria, it’s all up to you.

The game also offers several different shapes of bacteria such as circle, triangle, or oval. The shape of each affects your abilities such as attack or movement. So choose a shape to confront the right opponents. The color and appearance of the bacteria can also be customized. It can be seen that the developer has done his best to make these bacteria no longer scary.

World of Microbes: Spore Evol MOD APK version

The game is currently available for free on Google Play. You can own and experience without paying any fee. However, during the game, there will be some items that you can only buy with special currency. This currency is so rare that you cannot get it easily. In addition to betting on a lucky spin at low odds, you can own this money by paying in-game fees. If you do not have a lot of money, owning special items is extremely difficult. If so you may need our World of Microbes: Spore Evol MOD APK. The edited version helps you get a better gaming experience without paying any fees.

MOD features

Unlimited money
Premium Unlocked

Download World of Microbes: Spore Evol MOD APK for Android

This is an entertaining game, it is less stressful, making us more comfortable after stressful study and work hours. If you have a very good experience with the MOD version, why not support the developer by paying fees. Or if you have any difficulties, questions during the installation process, experience the game. Don’t forget to share it with us in the comments section of the post.