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XRecorder MOD APK v2.3.6.6 (Premium Unlocked)

XRecorder MOD APK v2.3.6.6 (Premium Unlocked)

Updated: 20-06-2024 (1 month ago)
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XRecorder MOD APK is a professional screen recording support application for mobile phones. Click the Download button to own this application to save interesting moments right on your phone screen so you can share them anywhere.

XRecorder MOD APK

Technology is developing more and more, especially mobile phones, there are more and more new forms of use for users. Screen recording is becoming very popular now. Foreseeing that, the publisher InShot Inc has released XRecorder – an application that allows users to record a professional screen video. This is also one of the few applications trusted by users today. If you are interested in XRecorder, learn more about it through our article.

Professional interface design

Mostly, nowadays, on mobile devices, the screen recording function is built-in. However, this default function is very simple and usually does not meet the needs of the user. That is the reason for the introduction of XRecorder. Once downloaded, you can see that XRecorder’s interface is simple but equally professionally designed, allowing users easy access to the functions.

When users want to use just press the button in the corner of the screen. At this time, XRecorder will display a virtual key allowing users to record video. While recording, XRecorder also includes the built-in recording. This function also has a virtual button, you can turn it off if not needed. The videos will all be saved automatically.

Stream feature

This is one of XRecorder’s most popular user features. It can be said that even Stream has now become a job loved by many hunters, easily famous. One of the most visible examples is the mobile streaming platforms, Livestream when playing popular titles like PUBG, League of Legends, League of Legends. With XRecorder, the dream of becoming a streamer is easier than ever. In addition, with this feature, users can use it as a tool to record videos like a normal camera and stream live on Facebook,… With XRecorder, you can record videos anytime, anywhere.

Unlimited screen recording

There is no shortage of apps on the market today with XRecorder MOD. But what makes XRecorder always the first choice of users? That is the maximum length for videos. Many apps only allow up to 10 minutes of recording. But with XRecorder, you will be able to record unlimited. Yes, exactly. As long as your phone has enough battery, you have power left, XRecorder is ready to serve you. It’s great, right.

Video high quality

Another plus point for XRecorder is that the quality of the products is always guaranteed. Application chopheps users to choose the quality of the video output from 240p, 1080p to 60FPS, 12Mh. Video quality is especially important, especially instructional videos that require sharp resolutions.

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Download XRecorder MOD APK for Android

XRecorder MOD APK is an amazing, functional, and completely free application. XRecorder also directly connects to many popular social networks such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook,… allowing users to share with just one button. With a download of more than 100 million times and nearly 3 million positive reviews, you should no longer have doubts about this application, right?

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