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YouTube is the world’s largest online video player. Billions of people have used it. But what is YouTube ReVanced Mod APK? Is it another version of Youtube? Join us to explore this article.

Download YouTube ReVanced Mod APK (Background Play, No Ads)

Youtube is an application dating back to 2005 with the aim of sharing free videos to all internet users around the world. Today, more than 2 billion users use YouTube every month. And in every minute that passes, people upload to YouTube more than 500 hours of video. Everyone used to watch and upload videos for free. But not anymore. The company that owns Youtube is Google, they also need to make money. So they add a lot of ads to the app. You may find it difficult because the number of advertisements is extremely large. This is when you need YouTube ReVanced. Application to watch videos on Youtube without being bothered by advertisements.

Familiar interface

As an ad removal application, YouTube ReVanced’s interface is essentially unchanged compared to the old Youtube interface. The homepage shows the suggested video. Below the videos are the title, description, comment, and other suggested videos. All are extremely familiar when you switch from normal Youtube to here.

To be able to show your recommended videos and watch history from your previous Google account. You need to use another application called MicroG. Log in to your Google account on MicroG, you already have a YouTube ReVanced application that is no different from the original.

Many new features

The most important feature, which is also what this app development team puts on top, blocks ads. There will not be any advertisements that can bother you anymore. Even the ads placed by the person who posted the video, the Youtube they placed themselves will disappear. You can comfortably watch the content you love comfortably.

The app gives us a dark theme option. Other than gray on Youtube, the dark on this app is pitch black. It helps us to use it comfortably in the dark without eye strain. Also, save battery power on some phone tabs.

One feature that you only get when using the premium version of Youtube, Picture in Picture. With this feature, you can comfortably watch videos without having to open the application. A small window will play your video on the screen while you use another app. With it watching movies while playing games was no longer a dream. Or if you do nothing else, just turn off the phone screen. The video will still be played without pause. The extremely advanced features are now available for free in this application.

Customize application

Although it has been designed in a very convenient way. But not everyone has the same needs. Therefore, this application provides many different customization options both about the application itself or the details of the video you are watching. You can find it in the app settings. Customizations allow you to re-display ads, remove community posts, remove comments, search bar,… With videos, you can adjust the parameters of the number of frames per second, finish screen, watermark,…


The app is currently available for free on the development team’s home page. To be able to use all the features, you absolutely do not have to pay any fees. You can use other team products or donate money to the development team.

Although the use of YouTube ReVanced has many advantages. That means content developers won’t be able to monetize your views. This will affect the quality and quantity of the videos they release in the future. As a smart user, please use this app appropriately. You can download YouTube ReVanced right now, right here in this post. If you have any questions or difficulties during the installation, experience the application. Don’t forget to share it with us in the comments.

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