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App Name Zombeast
Mod Features God Mode, No Ads
Version 0.31.1
Size 474M
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Satisfied with the extremely intense zombie killing battles in Zombeast MOD APK – the zombie killing game that is getting the most attention today. Download the latest version of Zombeast MOD APK and join in killing zombies to protect the peace right now!

About Zombeast MOD APK – Survival Zombie Shooter

A super zombie-killing product from developer Storms Publishing was released to the audience not long ago called Zombeast. It cannot be denied that although this zombie-killing genre is so familiar, it is still attractive to players, as evidenced by the fact that Zombeast is being extremely welcomed by gamers. With a fascinating storyline and many thrilling action scenes, Zombeast easily conquers even the most difficult players. Transform into a hero and begin your journey of survival in a world full of zombies, are you ready to prove your bravery?

The gameplay is simple but attractive

Like other games of the same genre, Zombeast is designed with a first-person perspective to bring the most realistic feeling to the player. Join the Zombeast, you will become the bad guy left in a ruined city and occupied by zombies. There is no other way, you are forced to survive in extreme conditions and try to survive from the zombie army to wait for the rescue or escape from this crazy city. Your only task in Zombeast is to destroy all zombies that appear in your sight. Always be extremely careful because no matter what moment you neglect, it could become your last.

Crazy zombies

You will see zombies often depicted as slow, bloodthirsty, like to bite people and eat brains. However, the types of zombies you see in Zombeast will be much more diverse. Along the way, you will encounter zombies with full strange shapes such as fat zombies, skinny zombies, dwarf zombies, tall zombies, giant zombies, armless zombies, animal zombies,… Not only Strange appearance but they also have different properties, some are even crazy and wield swords, some have poison on their skin. Such types are harder to deal with than normal zombies so you have to be very careful.

Many attractive modes

Zombeast gives players many different modes, you will never need to worry about the content in the game will be repeated. If you are playing Zombeast for the first time and do not have much experience, the endless running mode will be extremely suitable. This mode will help you improve your zombie killing skills on multiple dead targets. And when you have experience, you can participate in the campaigns that Zombeast offers. Many diverse missions come with many different types of zombies, bringing newness to the player. Initially, the levels will be quite easy when your target is just slow little zombies. However, the difficulty of the levels will gradually increase, bringing drama and excitement to players through each level. At higher levels you will face more dangers, the number of zombies becomes dense and they are also extremely difficult to deal with. However, with difficult challenges, the rewards that high levels bring are also extremely attractive.

Rich weapon collection

When you fall into a difficult survival situation and face hordes of bloodthirsty zombies, you cannot win with bare hands. So weapons are an object that can be said to be inseparable from you in this game. The zombies that you have to face are very diverse, so this requires you to also equip yourself with different types of guns. The guns will be unlocked gradually. Zombeast has equipped players with many different types of guns such as pistols, submachine guns, machine guns, rifles, guns and comes with a lot of other support items such as bombs, grenades, flaming clay and other explosives. Use the money earned after each level to buy more new guns and fill your personal collection.

Great graphics

There is nothing to blame when it comes to Zombeast’s graphics, all of which are handled on a high-quality 3D platform. From the carefully invested background with many different scenes, from the dark jungle to the ruined city, all are depicted in detail. Especially the zombies look extremely scary and have many different eye-catching looks. Effects such as movement, fire, and explosion are also handled extremely smoothly to bring the most realistic feeling. Sound is a plus point, which simulates gunfire and the movement of characters to bring many stimulating experiences for players. The game also has an offline mode so players can play it anytime they want.

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