2Accounts Mod APK v3.7.9 (VIP Unlocked)

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App Name 2Accounts
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Version 3.7.9
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2Accounts MOD APK application is designed with the special feature of allowing users to access two accounts at the same time in another application such as Whatsapp, Messenger, etc. Often times, you will face difficulties when using two different accounts on a social networking site. If you want to constantly update the notification, the user must choose to change the account. Each of these account changes takes some time, and if you don’t allow the account and password to be saved, it means you have to enter the information each time you log in again. This sometimes causes us to lose information or miss information and not handle it in time. Our MOD version unlocks all features without paying any fee. Quickly download and experience it!


As I introduced at the beginning, this is the main feature of 2Accounts. No more need for the usual account switching feature, now the combination of managing both at the same time is in your hands. For example, if you have two Instagram accounts, enter the information of both into the application. Then 2Accounts saves and automatically logs in every time you open instagram. Not only that, you will see a split screen with an account on each side. Switching is as easy as switching to a new tab on your laptop.


For those who have gone to work, we usually have one account to handle work, the other account will be for relatives, family and friends. But when it comes to urgent work, you’ll need to keep an eye on both. 2Accounts with parallel mechanism will help you capture all information in the fastest way. The information replicator works flexibly, without data loss, and there is absolutely no data overlap between the two accounts. To put it simply, it’s just a quick way to log in.


Many users will worry about whether using two accounts at the same time increases the risk of information being stolen. The publisher of 2Accounts is committed to making the application more secure for you. It also automatically detects when a virus enters from any side and immediately alerts the user to check. Not only that, the application only uses the features that the user allows or grants permission to use. When you want to use the camera through 2Accounts, it will ask if you allow access to the camera and photo album.

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