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Update on August 1, 2023 (7 months ago)

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Always On Edge MOD APK (AlwaysOnEdge) is an application that can make your phone unique. With lots of features like LED notification light, always-on screen, and more, it makes your phone stand out. Always On Edge – Not Only LED! will be an application that can bring its users massive changes. If you are a person who often gets bored with your phone and wishes for a change, this will definitely be an application not to be missed. With this application, users will have the ability to change their phones with many different unique features integrated completely.


If you are a person who regularly receives different types of app notifications, this will be an exceptional feature. LED lights will help your phone display extremely beautiful different types of the necessary information to users. You will ultimately allow the led light only to announce information related to a person you are interested in instead of all because they will disturb your work.


In addition, when it comes to LED lights, everyone will have to think about how it is activated and how it works. And to be able to make Always On Edge’s led light very unique, the application has also added a lot of different features and customization capabilities. First, you will have the ability to completely customize your led lights with a variety of attractive, colorful lighting. Along with that, you will also be able to customize the lighting level of the lights according to your wishes and personal preferences.


Moreover, if you are a color enthusiast and want your device to display vibrant colors, this will be an exciting feature. With Always-On Edge, which turns on the edge lighting of your device, you will be able to turn your device screen into an infinite source of inspiration. You will be able to fully customize and let your screen display what color and display it on any or all sides of the device.


The always-on-screen feature will be a big advantage for those who often use the phone for different jobs. With this feature, your screen will be able to clearly display the necessary information you have requested but always ensure that it does not drain your battery too much. But instead, you will always be able to see information such as the clock notifications coming from many different applications even when the screen is off.


Next will be a feature for users who love the prominence that can bring to their phone. Many phone users have always complained about how they can’t own a gorgeous and impressive wallpaper. Then when it comes to this feature, you will be able to give your different screen types of wallpapers that can move based on your preferences and settings in the application.


Besides, busy users will always need to own this feature on their devices so that they cannot miss important information. If you’re doing things yourself inside another app and have notifications, you’ll need to choose between the two to continue. But this will be solved quickly with Always On Edge if you use the direct notification feature to be able to read notifications while using other applications easily.


For users who regularly receive notifications to their phones but do not want to read them directly, the preview feature will be of great help. With this feature, you will be able to thoroughly preview your notifications right on the main screen in a straightforward way. After enabling this feature, a preview box will be created on your home screen, which will display the notification content as soon as you unlock your phone.


Finally, there will be a feature that can give your phone a big stand-out. With phones that don’t have the best display features, you’ll completely turn it into a top-of-the-line modern phone. The corner mask display feature will make the corners of your phone smooth and soft with highly unique and novel visual effects.


  • Apps are a special set of tools that can give your phone a significant makeover.
  • With the LED notification light feature, users will be able to control the notifications right on the best screen.
  • The ability to customize the led light will also give the phone a huge splash with a variety of colors and modes.
  • Always on the screen will help users can capture the necessary information even when the screen is off.
  • Control notifications of messages and applications directly while using or previewing on the device’s main screen.

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