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Are you a fan of the series Angry Birds games? Then Angry Birds Journey MOD APK will definitely be the next game that you will experience. Immediately download the MOD APK version that we provide below to play with unlimited money!

About Angry Birds Journey MOD APK

It can be said that although it has been a familiar name for many generations, until now, anything associated with the name of Angry Birds has been extremely successful. In the game, we can mention typical names such as Angry Birds Blast, Angry Birds Evolution, ..v. And I also prepare to introduce to you a new name – Angry Birds Journey. Also inspired by Angry Birds characters but with a new and more disruptive direction, Angry Birds Journey easily conquers even the most fastidious people. Do you love Angry Birds? If yes, let me learn more about this game through the article below!

Attractive gameplay

The gameplay of Angry Birds Journey mainly revolves around shooting and puzzles, quite simple and easy to play. Even if you have never played this genre before, you can easily catch up with the game after only a short time. Shooting in Angry Birds Journey is a slingshot. Meaning you will put the birds – symbolizing the bullets on the slingshot and throw. Your goal is to shoot accurately to knock down the towers as quickly as possible.

It sounds simple, but it’s actually not. To be able to throw correctly, you must align the coordinates to the best fit, pay attention to the wind direction, angle, etc. And the structure of the opponent’s tower is also one of the important factors to note. . In particular, the time and number of throws in each level are limited, so players must think and make decisions quickly. It can be seen that integrating puzzles into each challenge makes the game a lot more interesting. The way the puzzle is revealed after each victory is more like a reward that stimulates the player’s struggle.

Dozens of diverse levels

Although Angry Birds Journey has simple gameplay, the number of levels is extremely diverse. Each game screen brings a different surprise that makes players always in a state of surprise and excitement. The higher the level, the more difficult the level will be, requiring players to always strengthen and improve their skills. This is considered a hardcore element in Angry Birds Journey to arouse excitement and motivate players to conquer more levels.

Complete challenges and get attractive rewards

After completing the levels, you will receive a lot of attractive rewards. You will initially receive answers to puzzle pieces that intertwine throughout the journey. After reaching higher levels, in addition to the answer, you will receive more coins. Coins are very useful in Angry Birds Journey, you can buy more playing time or shots in the next matches. This is very useful when you encounter a difficult gate. Try to make the most of what you have and win!

Rich Angry Birds system

When watching movies or playing other Angry Birds games, you must have witnessed the variety of Angry Birds, right? And the developer of Angry Birds Journey is focused on Angry Birds even more. There are dozens of Angry Birds that will appear in Angry Birds Journey. You will see extremely familiar faces and even new faces created by the developer. Not only do they have a fun appearance, but they also have many funny expressions, especially when they are thrown and bumped into the opponent’s tower. You will never be bored and always full of laughter thanks to this element.

Many maps for players to explore

In addition to investing in Angry Birds, it is easy to see that the developer is also very fond of the scenes. At each level, you will see they have a different context, just like a long journey. A majestic, wild world is recreated in Angry Birds Journey. You will be spoiled for exploring from the bird island to the winter island, the pig king’s palace, etc. The weather is also very diverse such as rain, snow, sunshine, etc. to create realistic effects. possible.

Excellent 3D graphics

Angry Birds Journey is designed in 3D cartoon style with many bright colors. With this design, the game is suitable for both children and adults. The character design, the background is very lovely combined with the shooting effect, the movement is extremely smooth, suitable for the style of the game. Combined with soothing sounds to help the player’s rest time be maximum relaxation.

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