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Update on March 11, 2023 (12 months ago)

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Rovio Classics: Angry Birds APK is a game about angry birds destroying all structures. With brain hacks and limited shots, this is definitely a challenging and fun game for fans of the famous Angry Birds game.

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds APK is a puzzle game application that is very popular among players. You will experience all levels of the Angry Birds game and other levels upgraded and updated in this app. The bow and arrow control screens help the birds fly to the exact target, destroying all the game’s obstacles. The game offers both a tough challenge for the player and a lot of entertainment for the player through the lovely and funny expressions of the birds appearing in this legendary game.

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds


In this game, you will use different angry birds in turn and adjust the bow force accordingly so that with each shot, the birds will destroy the structure matrix. You will win if you destroy the entire matrix within the limited number of shots in each level.

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds


To easily overcome all the game’s challenges requires you to have excellent aiming skills. Shooting skills will help you precisely adjust the bow’s elasticity to create the perfect flight path of the birds landing accurately on the target. Take advantage of the limited number of shots per level to accurately calculate the flight path to the target and destroy the entire matrix from easy to difficult levels.

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds


You will enjoy and be excited by challenging levels that take the game to a new level. With the appearance of many rich and challenging constructions in different environmental conditions, you must carefully calculate the strategy of destroying which location first to save shots and help you destroy quickly the whole works.

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds


Unlock more levels to discover the power of different birds. The changing weights of angry birds in this game make it easy to destroy the series of difficult challenges of each level and save many shots of each level and special help from the birds. Lucky birds destroy many positions of the construction at the same time.

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds


Every time you shoot at the building until the building is destroyed, there will be interesting and fun sound effects, giving you a moment to play the game, conquer all the extremely difficult challenges, and enjoy entertainment from the extremely cute expressions of the birds.

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds


  • Show the player’s peak flight direction calculation.
  • Experience many different contexts at each level.
  • Discover and equip unique outfits for angry birds.
  • Funny expressions from angry birds.

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