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AppLock MOD APK v5.9.6in (VIP Unlocked)

AppLock MOD APK v5.9.6in (VIP Unlocked)

Updated: 18-07-2024 (2 days ago)

The latest AppLock Mod APK version for Android mobile devices has been officially released. A phone screen lock interface supporter. Users when downloading will be updated with a treasure of beautiful lock screen interfaces.

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Not only stopping there, but this application also supports you to customize notification settings for all other applications on the device. It makes it easier to control your app notifications. At the same time, minimizing pop-up notifications will help your device not experience slowness or lag. In addition, the lock setting feature applies not only to the device but also to each individual application. Create two-layer security so your information is not easily exposed. Currently, this application has been provided for free to download on the Google Play Store but to use all the features you have to pay to upgrade to a VIP account. Use our MOD version so you don’t need to pay any fees and still enjoy all the conveniences carefree.


Are you worried if you encounter a situation where your personal information on your phone is exposed? If you are looking for a way to solve this problem then let me introduce you to AppLock Mod. This app supports setting lock for your device. Ensure enhanced security. There are many themes specially designed for users to choose from. The publisher also applies high technology to ensure that AppLock Mod APK will not slow down your device, using memory capacity in the most optimal way. There are many other useful features waiting to be discovered by you. Since its launch, DoMobile’s application has attracted hundreds of thousands of users. Reaching a rating of 4.4/5 stars demonstrates AppLock’s solid position in the minds of users. They all commented that the application was extremely useful.


Having used AppLock, you never have to worry about giving your device to relatives and friends to use. With locked apps, they can’t get in to see your information. This lock feature is applied to a lot of different apps on the device like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Gallery, Messenger, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, Incoming Calls, and any app other as long as you want. AppLock will list the apps that have been installed with their own lock for you to easily grasp and adjust. Every time you finish using and exit the application, AppLock Mod APK will automatically ask for the password when you re-enter. You can unblock the app at any time so don’t worry about it getting stuck.


To increase the attraction, AppLock allows users to install different lock screens and themes. There are lock types such as PIN lock, pattern. The lock wallpaper themes are diverse from cute animals, abstract images, nature images, landscapes. All of these images are of high quality and the right size. Not only the wallpaper, even the digital interface, the drawings will also be uniformly designed. For example, if you choose a fruit theme, the screen to connect your key will appear pineapple. Interesting, is not it? New themes will be continuously updated.


It will be awkward if your parents check your phone and want to access messaging applications, social networks to see your private information. Or friends borrow phones and arbitrarily use mobile data without permission. Those are all situations you don’t want to happen. So, let AppLock help you prevent that completely. Never worry about your privacy being exposed.


Wondering if someone else can open AppLock and disable your settings? Turn on administrator mode to make sure you’re the only one who can do these operations. It will prevent others from arbitrarily uninstalling AppLock to gain access to other apps. This mode really makes this lock app more comprehensive.


Of course, the issue of using a lock setting application for many other applications such as AppLock mod APK whether it will drain the battery faster or not is of great interest to many people. However, the publisher has designed to add battery-saving accessibility to solve this problem. This accessibility will give a prompt if the user has an error to unlock the application, close the unused applications to reduce battery consumption.

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