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Update on November 15, 2023 (3 months ago)

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Armed Heist MOD Menu APK is one of the most intense third-person shooter games out there. The camera revolves around your character in detail, making you feel like you’ve turned into a bank robber and shot bullets! Are you a person who has a naughty personality but doesn’t show it? If you can’t get out, you can get inside the game. Not naughty, but to steal, you can steal money to buy weapons, equipment, strange faces, to upgrade your arsenal of weapons, or can steal luxury cars to go. around the city. The feeling of driving a luxury car to escape from the police is nothing better than right now. Do you like the feeling of being chased by the police in the game? If you don’t like that feeling then you must have a perfect no-nos and escape strategy. Do everything you can to complete your massive bank robbery.

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Armed Heist MOD APK – Transform into super robbers

Armed Heist MOD APK

Welcome to the Armed Heist Mod game world where you have to face police officers in over 70 bank robber shooting challenges in the best online third-person shooter game! Your mission is to become a crime lord with large-scale bank robberies. To be able to rob a bank, you need to prepare the necessary items such as strange faces, armor, weapons, smoke bombs, anesthetics, and other key-breaking tools. With many different types of faces to help you choose freely and weapons, there are many types of weapons such as AK-08S, BST Bison 12, Gold Plated, G4, Guar 12… So where can you download this game? You can download the game at the App Store or Play Store.


Armed Heist with a customizable weapon system, craft the most transformative, wild, and craziest guns you can imagine! Pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles and assault rifles! The more diverse your arsenal, the more dangerous you are for the next bank robbery. Modify it with sights of action, suppression, grips, stocks and killer masks! All will affect your bank robbery. Each time participating in a bank robbery, there is a different scenario. The scenario that plays out depends on your map, movement and weapon skills. Get ready for action in bank robbery shooting challenges.

Upgrade weapons and equipment

Armed Heist MOD APK Download

In the game you not only complete a robbery and run away, but you also have to fight the police to retreat safely. As I just said above, the weapon system in the game is very diverse, many series, each type has its own strength and rate of fire. You need to upgrade your arsenal so you can easily shoot through the modern bulletproof armor of the police. Not only can you shoot them anywhere, but you can get hit by their bullets at any time, so you need to have strong defensive equipment so that the bullets hitting you do not endanger your life. You can complete missions to get more equipment and weapons and upgrade them with bonuses after each robbery.

Super awesome graphics

With 3D Crime Map – Crime Map is a working database of low security banks and armored trucks, allowing you to choose what you like in this crime map. Hack Armed Heist high-quality 3D graphics from characters, equipment, weapons, strange faces to the smallest details like grass to help you play the game feel like you are immersed in the game world. Not only has high-quality 3D graphics, the game also has attractions that attract players from many different angles. Take this third-person bandit role-playing game for example, which helps you practice your reflexes as you risk your bank robberies. There are many other attractions for players, download the game and experience it yourself.

Download Armed Heist MOD APK

Saying is to make a detailed and meticulous plan and when the robbery is finished, run and shoot back at the police so that they do not chase. But there’s no such thing as an easy game, so what’s the point of playing anymore, right? Each time you complete a robbery mission, the difficulty of the next robbery will increase, so, to help you play the game more conveniently, we have Armed Heist for you. This MOD version includes immortality so you don’t have to worry about getting killed anymore. Download the Armed Heist MOD APK version now to experience the benefits that hacking brings to you!

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