ZOMBIE HUNTER MOD APK v1.74.1 (Unlimited Money)

Update on November 15, 2023 (3 weeks ago)


ZOMBIE HUNTER MOD APK v1.74.1 (Unlimited Money)

Update on November 15, 2023 (3 weeks ago)

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The world is flooded with Zombie disease, you are one of the last survivors. Are you ready to confront the zombies and hold on to the fragile life of humanity in the ZOMBIE HUNTER MOD APK game?

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ZOMBIE HUNTER is a game set in a world invaded by a zombie virus, most people turn into zombies and this virus can spread quickly through bites. People take diseases for people because there is no quick defense, the world almost completely collapses. Not only humans, but animals are also infected with this virus and turn into zombies. But thanks to wisdom and courage, you become one of the last survivors in the world. Are you brave enough to save a life for humanity and green for humanity, or just a last faint light of the earth before the planet is completely plunged into darkness?

The gameplay creates a sense of satisfaction

No cumbersome tactics, no planning, or any calculations, all you need to do in ZOMBIE HUNTER is to slaughter zombies with heavy weapons. But that does not mean that ZOMBIE HUNTER is a simple game and easily overcome any level. In the middle of the day, the zombies will rush to attack you with a lot of numbers and a variety of ways to attack. If you do not have quick hands and eyes with proficient manipulation, it is also quite difficult to overcome the game screen. It is the simple but satisfying gameplay of ZOMBIE HUNTER that makes this game more attractive than other versions. If you are experiencing stress in studying, working… then ZOMBIE HUNTER is one of my top suggestions that can help you reduce stress effectively and quickly.


ZOMBIE HUNTER owns a huge collection of weapons with many different genres and designs to help players never get bored with each game screen. The most rudimentary weapons you can own are daggers, bows, and crossbows. If you want to experience more sensation in battle, the dagger is not a bad choice. You will no longer attack from afar, but have to get close and close to the Zombies, at such a distance you will feel the sound of their growls and their terrible power. If you are a fan of massive, mass-destructive weapons, ZOMBIE HUNTER has also provided a six-barreled machine gun with continuous firing. In addition to the above-mentioned types, the arsenal of this game also includes sniper rifles, pistols, shotguns,…


In a game screen, you are allowed to carry up to 2 weapons and a dagger. The amount of ammunition in each gun is infinite, you can use and change it as you like. In addition, ZOMBIE HUNTER also provides 2 additional spells for each level. Usually healing potions and grenades. These two items will be your lifeline in difficult circumstances.

Diverse Zombie collection

If in normal Zombie shooting games there is only one type of zombie, ZOMBIE HUNTER owns an exclusive collection. There are many types of zombies, each of which has special abilities. Always create an element of surprise in battle. But the most common types are giant zombies, jumping zombies, crawling zombies (Can crawl on both ceilings and walls), exploding zombies,…

No Internet connection required

Most Zombie shooting games require an Internet connection, but not with ZOMBIE HUNTER. You only need to take up space in the first download, then all content in the game is Offline, you can shoot Zombies at any time and anywhere. In addition, a heavy graphics game that requires a lot of space like the Zombie shooting genre also consumes a lot of Internet data, but with ZOMBIE HUNTER that is no longer a problem.

High-quality 3D graphics


In a Zombie shooting game, the graphics and sound are the two top factors to evaluate the quality of the game. With ZOMBIE HUNTER, both of these factors are good or better. The graphics of ZOMBIE HUNTER are quite impressive with sharp lines and harmonious colors. The specially designed Zombies show their madness. The heavy guns are also taken care of by the publisher in every detail, showing the pit and danger.

As for the sound, ZOMBIE HUNTER depicts the fierceness in each battle. The sound effects of the gunshot, the attack of the Zombie all bring a very realistic feeling.


An entertaining zombie shooting game that is quite attractive, isn’t it? If you are in need of a game to relieve stress, then ZOMBIE HUNTER is a pretty good choice. So what are you waiting for without downloading ZOMBIE HUNTER to your device and experiencing it right now?

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